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Modern construction equipment (China) 2013 marketing annual meeting held

modern construction equipment (China) 2013 marketing annual meeting held

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Guide: Recently, the 2013 modern construction equipment (China) marketing annual meeting came to a successful conclusion in Chengdu, Sichuan Province. At the meeting, Mr. cuibingjiu, President of modern heavy industry and head of the construction equipment department, made an important speech and speech on how to add weight to China and boost confidence in the cause. In 2012, construction machinery

recently, the 2013 annual marketing conference of modern construction equipment (China) was successfully concluded in Chengdu, Sichuan Province

Mr. cuibingjiu, President of modern heavy industry and head of construction equipment division, made an important speech and speech on "how to increase China's weight and boost business confidence" at the meeting

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in 2012, the construction machinery market, especially the demand for excavators, continued the downturn of the previous year. In this severe market environment, how can all Chinese agents and partners of modern construction equipment consolidate their own operating capacity and establish market sales confidence; How to keep sober in adversity and strengthen market strategic planning; For "Hyundai" to regain its leading position in the Chinese market, how should we operate? On the above series of issues, we had extensive and in-depth exchanges and discussions with all agent friends, so as to gather ideas for the healthy development of our future career

2012, although very unusual, in this difficult year, there are still many agents who have worked hard and written brilliant achievements for the modern cause. To this end, the leaders present trophies and prizes to the agents with outstanding performance. I hope that all sales units can take this as an example and sincerely cooperate for the career goal of 2013 to create better results

Weng Kaimin, sales manager of EMS automotive industry, introduced the "weight reduction and cost reduction scheme for automotive energy saving - innovation of EMS high-performance materials"; Lizhifeng, high molecular materials engineer of Changchun Fuwei Johnson Controls Automotive Trim System Co., Ltd., made the "latest utilization progress of high molecular materials in automotive interiors"; The theme of Mr. wangzenghui, vice president of sales of Saint Vincent injection molding industry (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. is "hot runner technology in the automotive industry"; The keynote speech of Professor Yan Jianhua, a researcher at the Institute of lightweight structural composites of Donghua University, is "the utilization of woven composites in automotive structural parts"; Liu Jie, a senior engineer of Shanghai Pan Asia Automotive Technology Center, introduced "the integrator of engine nonmetallic materials - Manifold". In order to thank the agents for their hard work for a year and enhance everyone's emotional exchange, the reception dinner was held in a happy and peaceful atmosphere. We believe that through our joint efforts, we will achieve the theme of this conference, "bright future"

this annual marketing conference was hosted by the Sales Department of modern construction equipment (China), and received strong support from Hyundai (Jiangsu), Beijing Hyundai capital, Hyundai financing, and Hyundai (Shandong)

modern construction equipment (China) 2013 battalion strength metal resistance to permanent deformation and fracture annual sales meeting was held

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