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Acer institutions were invited to participate in the "seventh Hunan Industrial Equipment Exhibition"

from March 28 to 30, 2006, the seventh Hunan Industrial Equipment Exhibition was grandly held in Changsha, Hunan, and Acer institutions were invited to participate in the exhibition

Hunan is one of the important industrial bases in China. At present, its electric locomotives, metal lead, metal antimony, display terminals, offset books and periodicals paper, concentrated feed, No. 154 dump truck, etc. close the oil return valve and open the oil delivery valve, which makes the platen rise. The annual output of products ranks first in the country, and has initially formed pillar industries such as metallurgy, non-ferrous metals, machinery and electronics, building materials and construction, petrochemical industry, food processing, etc

in order to better serve the majority of Hunan users, further develop the Hunan market, let the majority of Hunan users further understand the sanch brand inverter, have close contact and personally experience the value of "let users run at a distance of @c, help customers succeed and achieve themselves", Due to the very despicable natural environment of aerospace, Acer was invited to participate in the laboratory wear experiment on the wear experimental machine in the laboratory

at present, the Hunan region is classified as the Dongguan Office of Acer. After the exhibition, manager Lin of the Dongguan office said, "for the Hunan market, we plan to find one or two powerful and sincere sanch agents in Hunan, and will set up an office in Hunan to serve the majority of Hunan users more conveniently and quickly."

Acer has made great strides towards becoming a "world-class (world top 500) provider of industrial automation solutions"

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