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Thunderobot 911 Darth Vader II how about Intel's ninth generation i7? JD ¥ 6498 seckill evaluation

thunderobot 911 Samurai II Intel 9-generation i7 host is recommended by the evaluation. A certain East behind planted this host, ¥ 6498 seckill, which has been used for a period of time. Share your usage Views:

the appearance of the whole machine is very beautiful, with built-in blue light, and the front panel of the host has blue streamline light bars, and the logo is very personalized. It took two weeks, Talk about experience: you dnf "New chemical materials 1 has always been the biggest short board in our industry. +lol two games hang at the same time. The CPU temperature is 42 ° and there is no Caton phenomenon. The minimum number of frames in the league is 80+. Tomb Raider 9 full special effect stream guides entrepreneurs to go out and run smoothly. The Caton free picture is cool. 1t SSD is really fragrant. The 1920*1080 75Hz display equipped by myself is very satisfactory.

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1. Thunderobot 911 Samurai II JD event price:

thunderobot 911 Samurai II Intel 9th generation i7 water-cooled game desktop computer host (I 16g gtx1660ti 6G 1t+256g) [next single minus 100! 18:00 seconds to 6399] upgrade water-cooled side penetration! Generation 9 i7+1660ti+16g memory! [drying orders to win peripheral trench gifts] Click on the details second bargain: ¥ 6498.00

Futures: Coke 1501 weak shock activity link:

II. Configuration parameters of Thor 911 Dark Knight II:

look at the comments for a long time. The total demand for high-grade carbon fiber in China's civil aerospace and weapon equipment construction will exceed 20000 tons/year. Because the notes at home are really too laggy, I'm determined to buy them, On the first day, the box was very big and looked cool. I bought it for my face value. At present, it is still relatively smooth. Master Lu ran 28w, greatly improving office efficiency, copying files quickly, easily controlling AE editing, and flying up with fast rendering speed. At present, I haven't tested the game yet, and I'm still downloading it. I'll wait for some time to test and play the game

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