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Raytheon small steel cannon game notebook gtx965m unique i7 quad core, OK? Let's talk about my experience

thunderobot game notebook gtx965m unique i7 quad core thunderobot St st-r1

tmall customized light metal appearance breaks through the 14 inch performance limit

experience of use: the computer is very awesome, the boot speed is fast, the image quality is exquisite, black soul 3 and other large stand-alone computers can run smoothly, and the appearance is also very cool, that is, the pre installed win10 is not stable, the blue screen can't move, and there are too many software in my computer, And I think we should ask about the system that guests are used to. Although the manufacturer pre installs it, you won't stop doing this business for a system, will you? In short, the service lacks care for customers

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product parameters:

certificate number:

certificate status: valid

applicant name: Haier information technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

manufacturer name: Haier information technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

Product Name: laptop

3C product model: Raytheon 911************************************************************************- "Or space, used to indicate different pins...

Product Name: thunderobot St st-r1

energy efficiency grade: Grade I

brand: thunderobot

model: st-r1

Screen size: 14 inches

CPU platform: core/Core i7

graphics card type: independent graphics card

graphics memory capacity: 2GB

mechanical hard disk capacity: 500GB

.Memory capacity: 8GB

operating system: window, but this item has little impact on the price (except for the door type) S 10

source: lexuezhai it hot sales guide

address: if the single column tension can provide a long service life for the industry, the experimental machine has the above problems

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