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Thomson Reuters released the 2014 list of "global top 100 innovative institutions"

the annual revenue growth rate of the top 100 innovative companies is almost twice that of the S & P 500 companies, and the annual R & D investment growth is as high as 17%; Asian companies lead the innovation rankings

which companies are leading the trend in transforming ideas into commercial inventions protected by intellectual property rights? The intellectual property and technology division of Thomson Reuters, the world's leading intelligent information service provider, recently released the fourth list of the world's top 100 innovative institutions in 2014. According to a series of patent related evaluation standards, the world's 100 highly innovative institutions will first learn about this award. This is Alcatel Lucent's fourth consecutive year on the list

Thomson Reuters' list of the world's top 100 innovation institutions once again proves that innovation investment will bring economic benefits. The listed companies have surpassed the S & P 500 for four consecutive years, and their market capitalization weighted revenue increased by 12.6% year-on-year, almost twice the annual revenue growth rate (6.85%) of the S & P 500 companies. Last year, the enterprises listed in the 2014 top 100 global innovation institutions received a total revenue of US $3690billion. Moreover, their investment growth in R & D is more than twice that of similar enterprises listed on NASDAQ. The R & D investment of top 100 enterprises on the list increased by 16.9%, that of NASDAQ listed enterprises increased by 8.18%, and that of S & P 500 enterprises increased by only 3.97%

basil moftah, President of intellectual property and technology division of Thomson Reuters Group, said: innovation has become an overused buzzword, which covers up the real meaning of innovation. Through the exclusive quantitative analysis of the intellectual property product portfolio of global enterprises, we can not only determine which companies have the most innovative products, but also understand their enthusiasm to protect these products. The 100 companies on the list are pioneers in leading innovation. They continue to promote new breakthroughs, create new jobs and activate the global economy. We are honored to witness their efforts

Asia ranks top among global innovation institutions

Asian enterprises have become the biggest winners for the first time in this year's list of the world's top 100 innovation institutions, with 46 enterprises on the list, which is amazing, including 39 Japanese companies, 4 Korean companies, 2 Taiwan, China companies, and for the first time, a Chinese Mainland company (Huawei) on the list. North America followed Asia with 36 companies, down 10 from last year. Among the 36 listed companies, 35 American companies and 1 Canadian company. There are 18 companies in Europe, mainly from France (7), Switzerland (5) and Germany (4). Although the UK actively promotes tax legislation to promote innovation, it is still absent this year

R & D expenditure accelerated growth

the surge in R & D investment of the world's top 100 innovation institutions is also noteworthy. The R & D investment of the top 100 enterprises in 2013 totaled $208billion, four times that of the S & P 500 companies. The annual R & D investment of the global top 100 innovation institutions increased by nearly 17%

industry breakthrough

in 2014, the semiconductor and electronic components industry was still ahead of other industries, with 21 companies on the list, down 9% from last year, but it has still increased by 50% since the birth of the global top 100 list, because at that time, only 14 semiconductor companies were on the list. The computer hardware industry ranked second this time, with 13 companies on the list, with a year-on-year increase of 18%. There are eight companies in the industrial sector on the list, taking the non-ferrous industry as the substitute for the automotive industry. The latter has only six companies on the list this year, two fewer than last year

pharmaceutical companies continue to strengthen the evaluation method of the top 100 list, which is beneficial to the rapidly developing and highly competitive industries, such as semiconductor/electronic components and computer hardware industries, whose product life cycle is short and user needs promote technological progress. This has always had an impact on the listing of pharmaceutical companies, because the R & D cycle of such enterprises is often long. Nevertheless, a growing number of pharmaceutical companies, including Abbott Laboratories, Johnson Johnson, Novartis and Roche, have been on the list for two consecutive years, and they have gained a firm foothold in the top 100 list with their strong global patent portfolio

the smart patent war continues to unfold, promoting cutting-edge innovation.

the fierce competition in the smart field is particularly prominent in this year's global top 100 innovation institutions. Several leading actors in the patent war are apple, Microsoft, Samsung, Google and blackberry. Since it entered the list last year, the 21st century has been a changeable and colorful period. BlackBerry has made further development this year. By setting up an independent business department to take charge of the patent portfolio, it has restored its business to its best state, and recently released BlackBerry passport intelligence

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