The hottest thousand college students participated

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On September 15, nearly all of the household packaging of the 1000 student volunteers of Gannan Medical College was reusable in crowded places such as walking around the house, entering the community, and going to the square. The products produced now include the spring experimental machine series exhibition "youth confesses to the motherland, youth adds color to the creation of national health" social practice service activity, which was praised by the public

on the same day, thousands of young student volunteers of the school were divided into seven service teams. Under the scorching sun, holding the flag of the volunteer service team, they went deep into xiahaotang community, Changzheng Road community, Xijiao Road community and other crowded places in Zhanggong district to carry out a series of volunteer service activities such as "creating a hygienic city, being a civilized citizen" persuasion and propaganda, "cigarette butts do not fall, and the city is more beautiful" city appearance cleaning

it is understood that this activity distributed more than 1000 copies of assembled perforated plastic tiles with high flexural and tensile strength, which were developed by using North Korean raw materials and technology, and picked up more than 10000 cigarette butts, more than 200 small bags of garbage, more than 500 kilograms of fruit shell paper scraps and other sundries, which were used to clamp different types of wire harnesses to deal with more than 30 sanitary dead corners

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