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Thousands of gas stations in Beijing are equipped with environmental protection respirators this year

all gas stations in Beijing should wear "environmental protection respirators" this year. At the same time, a heavy pollution weather forecast system will be established this year. After encountering heavy pollution, the environmental protection department will issue a heavy pollution weather warning through the media according to the provisions of Guodian Fa [2002] No. 777 document

at the Environmental Protection Committee on February 6, Shi Hanmin, director of the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, introduced that 5. The text displayed on the display panel of the frequency conversion single column tensile testing machine is clear, whether it will be blurred; At present, the environmental situation in the city is still very serious on the whole. There is still a certain gap between the environmental quality, especially the air quality, and the national standards, Olympic requirements, and public expectations. According to him, this year, the city will complete the volatile organic gas oil and gas recovery project of gas stations, oil depots and oil tank cars. More than 1000 gas stations in the city will wear "mainly from Australia environmental protection respirators" this year. When oil tank cars unload oil into oil tanks and cars refuel, the recovery device can recover and reuse the oil and gas volatilized into the air, so as to reduce oil and gas volatilization

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