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Caterpillar's three advantages participate in the "the Belt and Road" project

caterpillar's three advantages participate in the "the Belt and Road" project

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the "the Belt and Road" initiative, which covers more than 60% of the world's population, has brought unprecedented opportunities to Chinese enterprises seeking development opportunities. Infrastructure connectivity is a priority area for the development of countries and regions along the "the Belt and Road". A large number of infrastructure and energy related projects will be accelerated to the national development agenda

however, great opportunities must be accompanied by certain risks. In the process of Chinese enterprises' fulfillment of the mission of the "the Belt and Road" initiative, in addition to political, cultural and other factors, the construction management and final quality of the "the Belt and Road" project will become the touchstone for countries along the route to evaluate Chinese enterprises

For more than 90 years, caterpillar has provided a large number of leading products and technical solutions for the global construction industry. Through its unique agent network and financial services, it has accumulated a lot of practical experience and formed a global vision in the construction of infrastructure and energy projects and the quality control of unattended construction

innovative technology achieves maximum benefits

today, new technology is completely subverting the way people live, work and interact. While giving birth to new industries, new technologies are also changing or even subverting many traditional industries, including the priority areas of infrastructure construction in the "the Belt and Road" initiative

in 2016, caterpillar announced the forward-looking digital technology strategy of the "theageofsmartiron" to the industry, enabling the "dialogue" between engines and parts, equipment and fleets to become more intelligent. Among the 3million Carter machines and engines that have been put into use in the control of raw materials, 500000 have been interconnected, and the scale can be called the largest in the industry

in Fujian, China, Carter excavators equipped with intelligent slope control technology need to limit the plastic activity conditions for high stiffness materials or measuring the elastic limit. The samples with very small plastic value have shortened the time of the national highway subgrade project of Sanming Haicheng construction company by 70% - 80%, and can also save more than 1000 yuan of fuel cost per day. In North America, customers have increased production efficiency and fuel efficiency by 40% and 16% respectively through intelligent telematics and payload systems, with a comprehensive return on investment of more than 65%

caterpillar is maintaining close cooperation with the construction parties of countries along the "the Belt and Road" to provide more intelligent and efficient equipment. Through corresponding intelligent solutions, these intelligent machines transform information and data into the lowest construction cost, the highest construction efficiency, the safest and most sustainable construction mode. With the help of Caterpillar's next-generation intelligent construction scheme, the contractors of the "the Belt and Road" project realize the maximization of economic value

sharing value to complete the project construction

the mission of the "the Belt and Road" project contractors is to deeply understand the local market, actively use innovative partnerships to achieve resource integration, overcome the unique challenges faced by the project, and complete high-quality projects. Caterpillar agents, who have worked in the countries along the "the Belt and Road" for many years, can not only provide world-class products and expert services for the contractors of the "the Belt and Road" project, but also provide more valuable suggestions to help the contractors overcome the challenges brought by the differences in geopolitics, religion and business models

caterpillar's powerful agent network covers more than 180 countries, with more than 3500 sales and service points. Caterpillar has a stable cooperation and trust relationship with agents, with an average cooperation period of more than 50 years

in 2014, China Road and Bridge chose caterpillar's mountain equipment to implement the upgrading and reconstruction project of Russia's M5 Expressway just in consideration of Caterpillar's global perfect agent and service network. Caterpillar China specially sent senior engineers to Belarus to provide machine operation and maintenance training for local equipment users, and help local agents with the overall planning of spare parts inventory, so as to ensure efficient response to equipment maintenance needs

"products can be copied, but the relationship and trust we have established with agents are difficult to copy." Said Chen Qihua, global vice president of caterpillar and chairman of caterpillar (China) Investment Co., Ltd

financial services help diversified financing

the implementation of the "the Belt and Road" initiative requires huge investment in capital and material resources to promote the free flow of economic factors, the efficient allocation of resources, the deep integration of markets, and the coordination of economic policies of various countries. Facing the huge demand and funding gap, enterprises participating in the development of infrastructure along the "the Belt and Road" need to respond to the challenge of financial support with innovative thinking. Its achievements in the financial field have also made caterpillar a more attractive supplier of equipment solutions

caterpillar financial services has its own offices and subsidiaries in more than 40 locations around the world, serving 98 countries, and can provide alternative or more financing options for partners along the "the Belt and Road"

caterpillar once provided a financing scheme of US $5.2 million for an aluminum mine project, enabling 12 Carter articulated trucks to be deployed to the project construction in the shortest time. In Zambia, caterpillar and its agents worked closely with customers to provide us $100million in equipment financing for a copper mining project to meet their special needs

in the real world where capital is king, Caterpillar's innovative mode and strength of financial services are of great benefit to contractors implementing infrastructure projects related to the "the Belt and Road". In addition, its flexible credit evaluation process and its grounding installation position based on user credit rating and market level should facilitate the pricing of wiring competitiveness, which will provide strong support for the success of the project

the "the Belt and Road" initiative seeks and encourages the joint participation of all parties to promote global development and promote free and open integration between international markets. While taking root in China, caterpillar regards the "the Belt and Road" as a new fertile ground for further global development. Caterpillar has three advantages to support Chinese enterprises to complete sustainable and high-quality "the Belt and Road" projects, and become a participant and driving force in the comprehensive and high-quality growth and development of countries and regions along the "the Belt and Road"

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