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Since the service work of "Internet + government" has been carried out, all government departments have actively promoted the use of information technology to improve the level of government services, making it more convenient for the masses. The State Oceanic Administration has applied the remote cooperation technology to the supervision of maritime work in coastal provinces, cities and counties. Through the multimedia communication and application solution of Southern Telecom, a complete set of maritime dynamic video consultation system has been successfully deployed to assist the boundless communication from the State Oceanic Administration to the underground subordinate organs at any time and anywhere, so as to better use marine technology to provide convenience for the people

Ningbo Municipal Bureau of ocean and Fisheries actively cooperates with the information construction of the State Administration, joins the national sea area dynamic monitoring and management system through the baolitong remote video cooperation technology, and accepts and realizes the convenient management and use of video conferences through the South Power Ruizhi conference management software deployed by the headquarters. The stable and efficient remote cooperation experience has been highly praised by the leaders of CAAC, and this method has been cited in the city's marine and fishery management

State Oceanic Administration

extended application of the national marine area dynamic monitoring and management system in the region

docking with the headquarters: on the basis of the existing video conference system architecture of the national marine area dynamic special, we add video conference terminal equipment to Ningbo Marine Bureau (sub provincial) and county nodes, add video controller MCU to municipal nodes, and connect to the national video conference management platform to realize unified scheduling management, Realize the full 4-level high-definition video conference architecture, meet the needs of national, provincial, municipal and county-level remote video conferences, and ensure the overall goal of sea area dynamics and management work

regional extension application: add level 2 nodes in Ningbo, and access the planned 22 district and county video terminals and mobile vehicle emergency video terminals, so as to realize the video access of each law enforcement brigade and the communication of law enforcement work on the business site

application extension, Advantage Upgrading

high definition audio and video experience of the National Oceanic Administration System: Based on the 1080p60 frame video solution within the scope of domestic dedicated lines, the audio is up to 22khz broadband high fidelity sound quality, whether it is character images, conference content sharing, or voice effects, which brings Theater level experience to participants

strong access ability, breaking the time and place restrictions: whether it is conference room terminals, vehicle terminals, software terminals, or the original standard definition equipment, analog voice phones, VoIP, can be accessed to the conference through various networks (such as 3G, WiFi, IP, PSTN) to achieve real-time interaction of voice and video

perfect backup mechanism to ensure the stability of the meeting: all MCU are under unified control and scheduling resources through the dynamic meeting management of the sea area; At the same time, Potevio Ruijing DS series is used as the video hot standby in every video node, which effectively ensures the stability and progress of the meeting

unified intelligent control, easy management, simple operation and maintenance: through Ruizhi Huiguan, all video conference equipment in the SOA system can be managed by unified touch. The status of each equipment can be seen at a glance in the background of the system, and it can be connected with the network management system, which can provide more detailed data for maintenance and system operation

Internet + thinking is an important direction for local government departments to promote the innovation and sustainable development of government services. Southern Telecom has been selected and recognized by many agencies and units by combining remote collaboration applications with government communication and business services. We will continue to use technological innovation to assist the government in improving supervision methods Strengthen the public trust of the government. The establishment of Jinan material testing machine factory and its strength and execution in the 1950s. At present, the plastic machinery market in the United States has exceeded its strength in the severe winter, adding assistance to the construction of a service-oriented government

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