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Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd.: focus determines the height of the future -- dialogue with Mr. Zhou Wei, director of the marketing department of Fujian Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd.

Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd.: focus determines the height of the future -- dialogue with Mr. Zhou Wei, director of the marketing department of Fujian Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd.

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Guide: in the beautiful southern land of China, there is such an enterprise, which upholds the principle of technical industry and specialization, With the firm belief that technology depends on precision, we have been focusing on the field of mixing equipment for decades. We are committed to pursuing specialization, refinement, excellence and long-term development. We adhere to the integration of persistence and innovation to make it rank first in the industry. Please feel free to buy

in the beautiful southern land of China, there is such an enterprise, adhering to the firm belief that "there is specialization in the field of technology, and the essence of technology" and focusing on the field of mixing equipment for decades. It is committed to pursuing "specialization, refinement, excellence and long-term" to make the film bubble, adhere to the integration with innovation, and make it firmly in the first camp of the industry. This is Nanfang road machinery, a professional manufacturer in the field of mixing equipment in China

BICES 2011, a highly anticipated annual event in the construction machinery industry, has just come to an end. At this golden battle feast of construction machinery, Fujian Nanfang pavement machinery Co., Ltd. made a wonderful appearance, continued its professional and atmospheric design style, and attracted many customers at home and abroad to visit and consult. The grand product model lineup covers dry powder mortar, cement concrete, asphalt concrete mixing machinery and equipment, as well as the latest crushing equipment. All kinds of main products are on the stage, showing customers at home and abroad the strong strength of independent innovation of Nanfang road machinery in an all-round way

as the most visited and influential Chinese Internet construction machinery industry media in the world, China Construction Machinery Information () has a full coverage of BICES 2011. At the exhibition site, Mr. Zhou Wei, director of the marketing department of Fujian Nanfang pavement machinery Co., Ltd., accepted this exclusive interview. "Nanfang road machinery now does not want to be the largest, but to be the strongest, professional and long-term, and to focus on the field of mixing equipment. We believe that after the enterprise becomes stronger, it is natural to rely on a stable market and customers to grow." Minister Zhou's simple and wise words let us fully appreciate the steady, solid, dedicated and persistent enterprise spirit of Nanfang road machinery

the style of the booth of Fujian Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd.

advocating environmental protection and green innovation, leading the industry

20 years of perseverance and adhering to the road of independent innovation; Twenty years of tireless pursuit to the extreme. After two decades of trials and tribulations, carrying dreams, adhering to the integration of innovation, Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd. has developed into a leading enterprise in the field of mixing equipment in China. It has not only occupied China's high-end market with absolute advantages, but also pushed the competition to the international high-end markets such as the Middle East, Russia and Europe, leading the "made in China" mixing equipment to the world stage. At the previous grand meetings of the construction machinery industry, Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd. has been the focus of attention. Its independently developed products often stand at the forefront of the industry. Both domestic and foreign equipment buyers and equipment suppliers are very "fond" of Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd

"green, change and boost the future" is the theme of BICES 2011. Under the advocacy of energy conservation, environmental protection and efficient production in the "12th Five Year Plan", more and more construction machinery manufacturers have infiltrated the concepts of energy conservation, emission reduction and green environmental protection into the technological research and development of products. Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd. closely follows the market development needs, integrates the concepts of "zero emission" and "all environmental protection" into product research and development, and conforms to the development theme and future trend of green change. Such resolute and rigorous environmental protection concepts and requirements require the support of higher comprehensive technology, which is a great challenge for enterprises in the field of mixing equipment. Then, how does Nanfang road machinery realize "zero emission" and "all environmental protection"

"what we provide our customers is not only high-quality and high value-added products, but also perfect overall solutions. From the research and development, production and manufacturing of equipment to the establishment of factories, we comprehensively consider the environmental protection requirements of energy conservation and low carbon. We hope that people will feel clean and happy when they enter the factory as if they enter the garden." Mr. Zhou Wei elaborated the environmental protection concept of Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd

many customers at the booth of Fujian Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd. consult

build training schools and strengthen talent training

If enterprises want to have a foothold in the development of the industry, the introduction of excellent and high-end talents plays an important role in improving the overall competitiveness. "Nanfang road machinery has built a training school with nearly 30000 square meters of demonstration area and classroom area. The training courses cover new employee induction training, on-the-job training, technical training, etc. many teachers are senior engineers of our enterprise. In addition, we also specially hire external technical experts and customer service companies to teach in the school, providing comprehensive and professional training and good development space for employees. Now, Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd With a technical team of nearly 300 people, the company has built a strong R & D strength. " Mr. Zhou Wei's pride is beyond expression

the perfect training system not only cultivates key talents for the enterprise, but also enhances the cohesion of the enterprise, making it work for a common vision and common values. So, how can we test the effect of training? For the question of China Construction machinery information, Zhou answered confidently, "practice is the only standard to test the truth, and the market is the only validity to test the training. The effect of the training may not be reflected immediately, but with the accumulation of time, the soft and hard strength of the company will continue to strengthen."

active service gives priority to the worries of users.

at present, the "service" battlefield of the construction machinery market is full of gunsmoke - almost all enterprises are carrying out nationwide service activities in full swing, and the post market competition has become the place of strategist competition among enterprises. Then, "service" can't be just a slogan echoing the voice, a flash of marketing activity. How to maintain the continuity of service and let users feel the sincere care from the enterprise is the key to stabilize the user group

equipment model display of Fujian Nanfang pavement machinery Co., Ltd.

"Many enterprises have put forward many slogans and ideas in terms of service. In fact, these are only superficial. Nanfang road machinery pays more attention to the real work. On the one hand, Nanfang road machinery pays more attention to the quality of products. Our products need little after-sales maintenance, and the failure rate of Mechanical equipment is very low, which not only reduces the cost of after-sales service, but also wins the trust of customers. On the other hand, Nanfang road machinery does not happen in the equipment In case of failure, they often send people to visit customers, regularly check equipment and establish files for customers, so as to ensure that there will be no temporary situation and eliminate the problem in the bud. " Mr. Zhou Wei vividly compares the regular inspection of mechanical equipment to the experience of physical health. Enterprises should take the initiative to help users solve their problems, nip in the bud, and give users the greatest care and help

at present, Nanfang road machinery has established 29 sales service centers and 11 spare parts supply centers around the world, so that users around the world who need special attention, including changing the operating procedures of the experimental machine, can receive good and fast training, installation and after-sales service from the company. Moreover, with the continuous improvement of the company's technology, customers will enjoy the value-added service of technological upgrading of mixing products in the long run

Equipment Model Exhibition of Fujian Nanfang pavement machinery Co., Ltd.

the new journey continues to focus on moving forward

"nearly 2000 exhibitors from home and abroad" and "a total exhibition area of more than 200000 square meters". The two indicators of 2011 Beijing BICES exhibition are more than 25% higher than the previous exhibition. Behind the figures is the rapid development momentum of the construction machinery industry at home and abroad. However, after enjoying the carnival of the government's 4trillion investment, China's construction machinery industry has been shrouded in the haze of declining sales growth since the second quarter of 2011, and the industry is gradually feeling cold

Mr. Zhou Wei, head of the marketing department of Fujian Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd., and Ben had a cordial group photo

Mr. Zhou Wei believed that the government's 4trillion investment plan has stimulated the rapid development of domestic infrastructure and real estate construction, and also pushed the construction machinery industry closely related to it to the peak. Although the market is gradually depressed this year, Mr. Zhou Wei believes that there will be a gradual upward trend in the second half of next year. However, the rise will not be a sudden leap forward and great leap forward development trend. After accumulation, precipitation and adjustment, the construction machinery industry will move towards a healthy direction. "Kearney partner Li Jian said at the development meeting that it will move forward smoothly, which is in line with the development law of the industry

2011 is the first year of the implementation of the 12th Five Year Plan. Looking forward to the future, opportunities and challenges coexist, dreams and perseverance go hand in hand. As a professional manufacturer in the field of mixing equipment in China, Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd. will adhere to the concept of "specialization in technology and refinement in technology". Guided by the market, supported by talents and based on technology, it will continue to focus on the field of mixing equipment and achieve the glory and dream of national brands

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