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China Southern Road Machinery 2018 new year dedication: create value with value

China Southern Road Machinery 2018 new year dedication: create value with value

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we ask ourselves to become the most solid island in the world, and then connect with you to become a whole land

as the 2017 calendar gently turned the last page, Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd. made a resounding confirmation of its goal at the beginning of the year with its annual performance. In the overall warming environment of construction machinery, we once again feel the great happiness brought by "continuous innovation, specialization and innovation": the voice from customers, market feedback, and the linkage of upstream and downstream partners in the industry all prove that only concentration can make a profession; Only professional can create value

dedication of Nanfang road machinery for 2018 New Year: create value with value

determined not to forget, there will be echoes

this year, we continue to devote ourselves to research and development with the fearless attitude of regardless of cost, continue to carry out precision manufacturing with the rigorous standard of lean management, continue to run in the spirit of customer first service, and the number of FMCG enterprises that investigate the market and adopt in mold labeling and packaging technology is no longer on the construction sites of a few customers from all corners of the country, and still live a good day with the belief of "being specialized, being excellent, and being good for a long time". No matter how warm and healthy the industry is, this year is no different from any previous year in our view. Our happiness lies in the recognition of our customers. The team of A. A. C. polymers continued to carry out experiments and finally achieved more than expected thermal conductivity compounds, market returns, and the affirmation of the overseas market for the Chinese brand represented by Nanfang road machinery. What can be more gratifying and joyful than a sincere smile and thumbs up when we have crossed the barriers of region, national boundaries and language? From R & D to manufacturing, from service to management, we come sincerely through thousands of miles, and let all sweat and efforts return to the origin, just for value

every day, we only create value - the value of Nanfang road machinery brand, the value of our customers, and the value that our industry can leave in the contemporary and future. Our value lies in better serving our customers. The value of our customers is the driving force of our continuous efforts, and "creating value for the industry" has always been the direction of our unremitting pursuit, which has never changed. In the era of interconnection of all things, no one's value can be completely achieved by self. In 2017, the competition pattern and concentration of the construction machinery industry have been further improved, which we have long felt. Interests can promote business, but values can form partners. Only enterprises with the same values can jointly promote, develop and go further. C. the number of settings is long-term. Only by taking the realization of each other's value as a part of their own value while welcoming the era of industrial interconnection + can we truly achieve win-win results

practitioners in different industries should agree with the same sentence: opportunities always favor prepared people. For the south road machine that "can sit on the bench and be a trendsetter", what we need to prepare is always better ourselves. We always require ourselves to become the strongest island in the world, and then connect with you to become a whole land.

"No one can be like an island,

alone in the sea,

everyone is like a small piece of soil,

connected into the whole land."

2018 has arrived. I wish you a whole valuable new year

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