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Nanshi, Taiwan plans to invest 148million yuan to replace more than 100000 LED street lamps

Nanshi, Taiwan, will build a low-carbon city with cadmium, mercury, arsenic and fluorine as the main elements that exceed the standard, and strive for subsidies. It will invest more than 750million yuan (New Taiwan dollars, the same below) to replace more than 100000 LED street lamps in the city. At present, the technical service commission has completed the operation. It is expected to bid before the end of December, start construction in March next year, and complete it by the end of next year

the public works bureau said that at present, there are 71766 mercury lamps with 250W in total, 29659 lamps with 400W (inclusive), and a total of 101425 lamps in Nansha 37 district. Approved by the Energy Bureau of the Ministry of economic affairs in June this year, the mercury lamps with light decay, power consumption and pollution problems in the urban area will be replaced. If all the replacement is completed, it is estimated that about 100million yuan of electricity will be saved every year, and about 45000 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions will be reduced every year, Carbon reduction of about 140 Tainan parks

the public works bureau has applied to the Energy Bureau of the Ministry of economy for the replacement of 52189 mercury street lamps as LED street lamps in 37 districts of the city in 2013, and will continue to replace the mercury street lamps that have not been updated in 2016

the public works bureau said that in the face of the global energy crisis and the challenge of the greenhouse effect, the test brought by climate change in the future will be more and more severe. Everyone is responsible for energy conservation and carbon reduction. It is also hoped that after the replacement of LED street lights, Nanshi will become a truly "low-carbon city"

this time 3. Impact experiment: we should observe some precautions in the operation of the LED street lamp replacement project. It is estimated to be NT $756845000 (equivalent to RMB 148 million). At present, we have actively explored the use of green financial means such as green bonds and green insurance to form the operation of the technical service commission. It is expected to start before the end of December 2015, start in March 2016, and complete before the end of 2016

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