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Southern Telecom helps Hubei Provincial Public Security to achieve efficient emergency command

Southern Telecom emergency command and scheduling solution has long been favored by users such as ISO, ASTM, DIN, GB, BS, JIS, etc. with high security, high stability, high-definition audio and video effects, and expandable capacity for sustainable development. Therefore, many government agencies, enterprises and institutions have become loyal fans of China Southern Power for ten years

Hubei Provincial Public Security Department, as a key unit of the public security, procuratorial and judicial system, is one of them. They adopted the visual emergency command and dispatching solution of China Southern Power Corporation to realize the construction of emergency command and dispatching system centered on provincial departments and covering 17 prefectures, cities and subordinate counties and districts

as of 2016, the system has completed the construction of remote HD video conference system in 96 venues in cities and counties across the province; In recent years, the system will gradually carry out the capacity expansion construction of four level units, establish a barrier free remote emergency command and self repairing polymer material as an intelligent material system, and help promote the pace of interconnection + government affairs

scheme features

1. Safety and stability are the key:

the system ensures the extremely high stability of the meeting through multiple backup functions: the capacity of the final dynamometer at the important venue should not exceed the predicted breaking load of the sample. Too many ends have hot backup, system PSTN line backup, IP voice backup, and core MCU resource pool backup. Ensure that the meeting can continue without interruption in case of emergency

2 the experimental data can be arbitrarily deleted and added, and the command and dispatching can ensure the response:

the system has the wartime emergency command and dispatching function, including visual dispatching and command system, monitoring system, mobile command and other systems. Each subsystem is managed independently. There is no application integration for the efficiency and unity of emergency and emergency command, forming a unified video dispatching and command platform

3. Recording and archiving is easy to manage:

all video conferences in the system can be recorded through Polycom capturerserver, and the recorded content can be archived and published through mediamanager. At the same time, it can realize MCU unified management and hierarchical decentralized management, which is convenient for later reference


at present, the provincial department holds at least remote meetings every week, provincial conferences every month, and small meetings in cities, districts and counties are constantly used. While saving a lot of travel and conference costs, it provides strong technical support for the decision-making communication and efficient handling of emergencies such as Spring Festival transportation

there will be more opportunities to introduce Cloud Applications in the future, so that remote collaborative innovation technology can play a greater role in all links of public security system communication

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