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Nanfang valve has been exploring the "password" of urban water system for 30 years.

"in 2019, the leakage of public water supply pipes in cities and counties across the country was nearly 10 billion tons, roughly equivalent to the storage capacity of 700 West Lakes in Hangzhou." Housing, such as the famous British sporting goods company Hyde, has launched a tennis racket with graphene since 2013, and the data released by the Ministry of urban and rural development has stunned many people

as the heart and artery of the city, the urban water system is "low-key and secret", but sometimes

"in 2019, the leakage of public water supply pipes in cities and counties across the country was nearly 10 billion tons, roughly equivalent to the storage capacity of 700 West Lakes in Hangzhou." The data released by the Ministry of housing and urban rural development stunned many people

as the heart and artery of the city, the urban water system is "low-key and secret", but sometimes it will become "grumpy", resulting in the flooding of pump stations, pipe explosion, equipment damage, waste of water resources, and even affect urban production and life and public safety

on March 1 this year, CCTV's "spirit of industry" column praised a Zhuzhou enterprise that persistently explored the "password" of urban water system and did a good job in pipe explosion protection and leakage control for urban water supply pipes. This enterprise is Zhuzhou South Valve Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "South valve")

focus on the field of water hammer protection, making water more "gentle". In the past 30 years, Nanfang valve rare earth characteristic industrial cluster door has only done this and is committed to achieving the best of it

a self-developed product has been on the market for 24 years and is still selling well.

in the past, water conservation paid more attention to the use link. However, the fact that "700 West Lakes are missed a year" makes us clearly realize that we must comprehensively and systematically sort out all stages of water resources production, transmission, use and recycling, and implement the awareness of water conservation in all aspects of life and urban operation

behind this, it is a must to do a good job of water hammer protection

"water hammer" refers to the shock wave generated by the sudden change of water flow speed due to the sudden opening or closing of the valve or pump when water is transported in the pressurized pipeline, which is like a hammer hitting the pipe wall. For example, turning on and off tap water in daily life will lead to water hammer. As early as 2010, the International Water Association (IWA) proposed that water hammer was the main cause of pipe aging and damage, and eventually led to pipe explosion

in the past, the industry mainly prevented the damage of water hammer by installing check valve, 11. Host form: electric valve of portal frame structure and water hammer eliminator valve, which was not only cumbersome in operation, but also unsatisfactory in effect

In 1992, facing the spring breeze of reform and opening up, the newly established Southern valve put forward a new idea: integrate the functions of check valve, electric valve and water hammer eliminator valve into one valve and ensure their effectiveness

sharpen a sword in five years. In 1997, Nanfang valve successfully developed the first generation of multi-functional pump control valve, which was very popular in the market as soon as it was launched, and won the silver award at the 90th Paris International Invention Exhibition. Israel, the Netherlands and other water industry powers have bought this product and returned to China for research

since then, this product has been improved and optimized for many times, and it has been sold at home and abroad for 24 years since its listing, with a cumulative sales volume of more than 30000 units and an output value of more than 1billion yuan. Huang Jing, chairman of Nanfang valve, said, "many customers joke with us that this product is great and it is still in normal use and does not need to be replaced."

the index of a bidding product is far higher than the European standard

in July 2005, Nanfang valve ushered in another highlight moment

in the bidding for auxiliary equipment system valves of the power station and power station on the right bank of the Three Gorges Project on the Yangtze River, Nanfang valve pressed more than ten well-known competitors at home and abroad and won the bid for the second bid section "elastic seat gate valve". The previously completed three Gorges Left Bank Power Station project mainly uses foreign and joint venture products

this not only means that the products of Nanfang valve have entered the Three Gorges project with extremely high technical requirements, but also their excellent quality has attracted the attention of international giants: after testing, the bidding products of Nanfang valve have a closing life of 58000 times, compared with 30000 times in European standards and 8000 times in domestic standards

there are many such high standards in southern valves. In August 2020, a waterproof hammer air valve developed by the company obtained a patent authorization certificate in the United States, which is the second U.S. authorized invention patent obtained by Nanfang valve. This product has been verified many times under different conditions, and all indicators have reached or exceeded national standards

focus on one field and concentrate on management. For 30 years, Nanfang valve has always been working intensively in its own industry. In Huang Jing's view, "the more focused, the more focused, the more professional."

Nigeria is thousands of miles away from Zhuzhou. But not long ago, Abuja, the capital of Nigeria, attracted water supply pipe contractors

Abuja originally used waterproof hammer products provided by Britain. Due to the unstable local power supply, the water supply equipment is often shut down, resulting in serious water hammer phenomenon, and the bellows in the water supply system have problems every day. After using Nanfang valve series products, the phenomenon of water hammer was basically eliminated, and 700000 US dollars was saved compared with the European scheme. Nigerians were full of praise, and even Europeans gave thumbs up

nowadays, in domestic and foreign urban water supply projects, large-scale water transfer projects, building water supply and drainage, industrial water supply and drainage, agricultural irrigation and other fields, tens of thousands of pump stations, such as the middle route of the South-to-North Water Transfer Project and Baihetan Hydropower Station, have applied the water hammer protection technical scheme of the South valve, which has withstood the repeated tests of various harsh working conditions

at present, the domestic market share of the core product of Nanfang valve is 17.26%, ranking first. Small enterprises, once humble, have grown into industry leaders

a new laboratory has reached the world's leading level

last year, the oriental water valley laboratory, which was built by Southern valve with an investment of 50million yuan, was put into use, filling the domestic gap in this field. At present, it has become the place where industry experts and enterprises punch in the most frequently. Even experts from the International Water Association praise "reaching the world leading level"

here, engineers of Nanfang valve use scientific methods to trace the causes of water hammer, control water hammer, and formulate preventive measures for the water supply system like doctors' physical examination and prevention of disease. Based on the systematic experimental verification of big data, they also gradually installed "eyes" and "brains" on water supply pump stations and pipes

Huang Jing said, "eyes" are the water hammer and air monitoring system of the pump station and pipeline, especially the dispersion uneven measurement system, which constantly monitors the health status of the water supply pipe. "Brain" uses the logical thinking of hydraulic model to analyze, and "looks, hears, and asks about" the water supply pump station and pipeline, effectively preventing water hammer problems from the source. At present, this kind of intelligent water service achievement has been successfully applied in Hengyang water group, Ningxia water investment Zhongwei water supply company, Han Ji Wei Sanhekou water conservancy project and other projects, with good response

in June 2020, Nanfang valve, together with the Chinese Academy of water sciences and Hunan University, conducted a special experiment in Qinglong County, Guizhou Province. Under the extreme working conditions with a lift of 970 meters, Nanfang valve successfully conducted the power-off and pump shutdown test, becoming one of the few teams in the world who dared to challenge the power-off and pump shutdown test

dare to try and make breakthroughs. On this basis, Nanfang valve has also built a "moat" step by step through standards, patents, topics, etc. At present, 10 products of the company have passed the national and ministerial appraisal, of which 3 have reached the "international leading" level and 7 have reached the "international advanced and domestic leading" level

Nanfang valve also participated in or edited 4 national standards, 24 industry standards and 11 group standards. So far, it has obtained a total of 86 patents, 2 international PCT patents and 2 international patents (the United States), and the achievement conversion rate has reached 100%

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