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As a necessity in many industrial fields, valves affect the overall development level of the manufacturing industry. The fierce market competition makes valve manufacturers realize the importance of information construction and ask for benefits from management. Recently, Zhuzhou South valve signed a cooperation agreement with 800 customer CRM to support the strategic development of the enterprise with the help of CRM

Zhuzhou South Valve Co., Ltd. was founded in May 1996. At present, the trend of gradual development from non structural parts to structural parts is becoming more and more obvious. Located in the Fifth Industrial Zone of Zhuzhou (National) high tech Zone, Hunan Province, it is a key high-tech enterprise of the national Torch Plan. It mainly produces various valves used in municipal water supply, iron and steel metallurgy, petrochemical industry, water conservancy and electric power, coal mines, construction engineering, sewage treatment and other industries. It has six holding investment enterprises and one equity investment enterprise, and its industries cover casting, pump valves, intelligent actuators, etc., forming a complete industrial chain in the field of fluid control

Nanfang foam granule machine valve has a strict quality/environment/safety management system, and has established 43 direct sales service agencies nationwide to provide customers with all-round, fast and convenient sales services. In terms of project construction, Nanfang valve has participated in many important projects, such as the Three Gorges Project of the Yangtze River, the South-to-North Water Transfer Project, PetroChina Tarim Oilfield, Baosteel Group, PetroChina/SINOPEC circulating water project, Shenhua Group coal to oil project, Beijing Waterworks Group, Shanxi Wanjiazhai Yellow River Diversion Project, etc., and has won the recognition and praise of users

with the rapid expansion of the scale of enterprises, the development speed and management efficiency of enterprises begin to appear imbalance, management lags behind development, and problems often occur. The management of Nanfang valve realized that C, such as electrical and/or thermal conductivity, mechanical enhancement, barrier performance, transparency and so on, RM has become a powerful tool for modern management of enterprises, so it decided to fully launch CRM. After investigation, Nanfang valve reached a cooperation with 800 customers, the first CRM manufacturer in China

800app-crm goes deep into the market, sales, orders and other links of Nanfang valve, helps enterprises standardize the management processes of various departments from market to sales, from order to inventory, from plan to goal, and helps enterprises realize the integration of information flow between departments and provide reliable decision support for management. Moreover, CRM system can also generate various statistical reports, which is convenient for managers to view sales data at any time, and provides a reliable basis for scientific decision-making

no pain, no gain. After 800app-crm system was launched for a period of time, employees of the enterprise obviously felt that the workload had been reduced. All management details and activities of the enterprise are under the control of CRM management. The introduction of CRM system has brought twice the result with half the effort to Nanfang valve. It can reduce more human, material and financial input of an enterprise, and bring higher production efficiency and better economic benefits. The head of Nanfang valve informatization said

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