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BASF Ultramid packaging film production line starts in Germany recently, BASF launched a polyamide coextrusion production line tailored for packaging and industrial films at the Ludwigshafen production base

it is reported that the production line will be used to cooperate with customers in the film industry to develop new applications of Ultramid polyamide products, as well as R & D and material testing of Ultramid film products. At present, the production line can produce up to seven layers of cast film and blow molded film invested by debt in Yinlong

the production line can also be used for the production of cast thin film or blown film with the development of plastic recycled particles industry. It can extrude symmetric or asymmetric films with m thickness and 750 mm width at the fastest speed of 50 m/min. Blown film can be air-cooled or water-cooled if necessary. The cast film can be cooled on the cooling roller, and the temperature is adjustable between 20 ℃ -130 ℃

using Ultramid in flexible packaging solutions can provide better protection for products with fewer packaging materials. In addition, Ultramid helps extend shelf life. Reducing the amount of packaging materials can also protect the environment and save costs

higher than 3.5%

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