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BASF won the best Sustainable Development Report Award

the information published on product safety, supply chain and climate protection is highly praised

150 largest German companies ranking list

China, Shanghai – December 4, 2009 – BASF recently won the best Sustainable Development Report Award in Germany in 2008. The award ceremony was held at the annual meeting of the German government's sustainable development No. 3: hydraulic universal wood testing machine main uses: Committee. The award is awarded every two years by the German Institute of Ecological Economics (IW) and futuree 5. (environmental protection organization established by small and medium-sized enterprises in Germany) jointly awarded. Dr. franzjosefjung, Minister of labor of Germany, and Dr. volkerhauff, chairman of the Commission for sustainable development, are supporters of the award

the ranking assesses the transparency, integrity and reliability of information released by the 150 largest German companies on sustainable development issues such as environmental protection and employers. In addition, specific standards have been developed for each industry to ensure comparability between cross industry sectors

the Review Committee believes that BASF's statements on issues such as product safety, climate protection and supply chain are structural, so its report is very persuasive. BASF's comprehensive approach was also praised: 2 since 2007, the relevant head of the national development and Reform Commission said that BASF had integrated the financial report and the sustainable development report into the same publication

"BASF is the first company on the list to submit an integrated report," said janagebauer, project director of the German Institute of ecological economics. "This shows that even if the sustainable development issue is incorporated into the same company report, it can still be elaborated in an appropriate breadth and depth. BASF has successfully created added value in an integrated form. It has carefully polished every detail of the link"

sustainable development is an important part of BASF's strategy. BASF ranked third in the 2007 ranking of the German Institute of ecological economics. "BASF does not talk about sustainable development only in the boom period, but increasingly combines this issue with our management system. Through sustainable development, we minimize risks and stand out from our competitors. This is also reflected in our integrated report," said Dr. fredsen, head of BASF's environment, health and safety capability center and climate protection officer. "Our report is a great achievement of team work, so we are very pleased to be recognized in the form of this honor."

BASF has issued a complete comprehensive report since 2007. The company submitted its first environmental report in 1988 and issued a company report including economic, environmental and social data for the first time in 2003

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