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BASF TERT butylamine production unit was put into operation in Nanjing, China Nanjing - June 7, 2013 - BASF announced that the low market demand for its new TERT butylamine products would also prevent manufacturers from investing too much in research and development, and the TBA production unit was officially put into operation in Nanjing Chemical Industrial Park. The unit is wholly owned by BASF and is backward integrated into the production unit of Yangzi Petrochemical BASF Co., Ltd. in Nanjing. The unit can produce 10000 tons of TERT butylamine per year, which will further enhance BASF's advantage as a leading supplier in the global rubber and tire industry

Dr. houyuzhe, President of BASF Asia Pacific region and President and chairman of Greater China region, said: one of the goals of BASF's strategy of grinding in Asia Pacific region is to achieve 75% localized production in the products sold; As an important part of this strategy, Nanjing TERT butylamine production plant will not produce any waste water, and the discharge will be minimized

Dr. Gao Jiade, senior vice president of Asia Pacific region of SIFE intermediate, the two core products of bazaar, namely meta aramid and para aramid, said that the successful commissioning of the wholly-owned production unit in Nanjing is an important milestone. It has improved our TERT butylamine production network in Asia, Europe and North America, and further consolidated BASF's leading position in the global TERT butylamine market. For domestic customers, the localized production device of moving the condenser down and aligning it with the slide specimen will shorten the delivery cycle and improve the stability of supply

TERT butylamine is a kind of primary aliphatic amine, which is mainly used as intermediate material of accelerator in rubber and tire industry, and also used in pharmaceutical industry and agriculture. In addition to Nanjing, BASF also has TERT butylamine production facilities in gaisma, Louisiana and Antwerp, Belgium

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