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BASF shows the latest achievements of heat reflective pigments

at the 2009 China International Paint exhibition, BASF launched a series of innovative paint solutions with the theme of "BASF - related to your paint". Among them, a number of effect pigments were first introduced to the global or Asian markets at the exhibition. Among them, reflective pigments attract the attention of the audience

with the global warming and the intensification of energy consumption, the urban heat island effect is more obvious. The demand for intelligent solar thermal management solutions such as thermal insulation coatings is also growing. According to Huicong paint, BASF's heat reflective pigments are mainly used to replace the heat absorbing components in the traditional formula, and use XFAST black 0095 and sipocal black 0095 to provide the required external hue under the condition of effectively controlling the substrate temperature rise, so as to achieve good performance

Dr. minlihang, executive director of BASF Greater China business management department, said: "you can see that after the acquisition of Ciba, BASF will have a more complete product line and R & D strength to provide a more environmentally friendly solution to the Chinese market. The thickness of zigzag samples should be the steel thickness solution." At the same time, Dr. min also said that BASF launched many products in the coating field in China at this exhibition, which also reflects BASF's confidence in developing the Chinese market

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