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BASF will resume TDI production at the Ludwigshafen plant in the second quarter. In January, BASF shut down the production of toluene diisocyanate (TDI) at its Ludwigshafen plant. A spokesman for the leading German chemical enterprise said late Tuesday that production would resume in the second quarter

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Tsinghua, Peking University, Tongji, Fudan and other domestic and foreign new material research institutions and R & D teams BASF shut down TDI production in late January to carry out unit maintenance and prepare for the installation of another new reactor. BASF polyurethane materials used in brooks& nbsp; The spokesman for levitate shoes added that the new reactor would arrive in early March

"the new reactor will be put into operation in the second quarter and production will resume."

"we will provide BASF global TDI production network services for customers."

the new unit with a capacity of 300000 t/A was offline in november2016 due to damage to a reactor before it was put online in may2017, and it is planned to have a comprehensive overhaul in 2018

Before the plant was restarted in May last year, BASF said that the plant would resume operation but the operating rate would be reduced

market participants attributed the tight supply to the fact that the operating rate of Ludwig port plant has been unknown since it was started again, thus driving up prices

after BASF claimed that the production of Ludwigshafen plant would resume in the second quarter, some TDI sources said they expected the above supply shortage to continue until at least July

in addition, the midpoint of TDI price rose to an all-time high. In January, the delivery price in Western Europe was 3320 euros/ton, which worried market participants

"it is still difficult to say what will happen in the second quarter. Maybe we can see some progress by then." One buyer said

"but I don't know. We have been looking forward to making progress for a long time, but it is still difficult. Let's wait and see."

the supply of the Jubail plant with a chemical capacity of 200000 tons/year of sadara, a Saudi Arabian producer, did not have any impact on the European supply side

according to market news, the delivery time of incoming goods from the factory has been slow recently, and many people have said that the main destination of TDI of sadara chemical will not be Europe, but Africa and other regions

"I think it is safer to say that the same situation will continue until the second quarter, such as supply shortage." A dealer said

at the same time, the contract at the beginning of February has agreed to the increase of euro/ton, specifically due to the supply problem

some market participants believe that the production difficulties faced by the German supplier covestro in January are also the reasons affecting the supply level

however, a spokesman for covestro told us on Wednesday: "in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa), there are no restrictions on our TDI delivery capacity."

as there is no production problem in the market, the latest BASF indicates that the upward pressure may continue in the coming months

tdi is mainly sold in polyurethane soft foam, which is used in soft furniture, mattresses, car seats and other fields. The soft bubble is made by the reaction of TDI and a polyol

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