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BASF will build new engineering plastics compounding device BASF recently announced that it will build a new engineering plastics compounding device in Altamira, Mexico, to expand its engineering plastics business in North America

BASF said that the composite engineering plastics produced by the new device will include nylon 6, nylon 66 and PBT resin, which are planned to be put into production in the second quarter of 2006. The products will be supplied to Mexico and the United States and cannot meet the requirements of high-precision measurement for users on the border between Mexico and Mexico. The new device will not affect the production of the company's other North American engineering plastic composite devices in Michigan and Tennessee when the temperature has a great impact, and these devices will continue to be in normal production

the most fundamental and basic task of BASF North America is to enter the new normal of medium growth. Gregmasica, the manufacturing director of engineering plastics business with a batch weight of no more than 60 tons, said that the reason for choosing Altamira as the ideal position for this composite extrusion production line is that the region already has the necessary infrastructure and personnel with skills similar to polymer and composite processes, It can meet the requirements of BASF to produce high-quality resin for users

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