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For a house, living alone is always a little empty. Over time, it will make people feel lonely, insecure, and even prone to depression. In fact, even if you are single, as long as you have a heart that loves life, you can make your bachelor's life different from petty bourgeoisie in your own private space. As long as you work hard on the decoration and decoration of the room, you can avoid loneliness. In this regard, professionals in the home decoration industry have provided the following home decoration suggestions for leftover men and women living alone:

first, the functional zoning should be clear: a room that lives alone is easy to appear disorderly. Although I feel comfortable, a long time may make a mess of my life. Therefore, when decorating the home, we must distinguish the reception area, catering area, working area, etc., so that life will be more organized. For example, a rattan screen, a bookshelf or a sofa can be used to divide the functional areas

second, the color of home decoration is simple and lively: color has a great impact on people's emotions, and living alone is more vulnerable to the environment. Therefore, when choosing furniture and decoration colors, do not use gray and black colors, but choose warm and bright colors, such as orange, yellow, green, blue, etc., which can give people a pleasant feeling. Furniture is best to choose log color, curtains, fabric sofa also choose light color, with the method of often changing cushions of different colors to make the room more colorful, but also make it more jumping

third, the home decoration style advocates Modernity: the decoration style of singles is mostly modern style. Because the modern style of decoration and decoration design takes the natural and smooth sense of space as the theme, and takes simplicity and practicality as the principle, so that people and space become natural. European style and Chinese style need to take up a lot of space, and the lines and corners are cumbersome, which will be heavy for a person to place his residence

IV. open kitchen: there are few opportunities to cook at home by yourself. Moreover, a person's home will not produce too much oil smoke, so you can make an open kitchen, add a bar and buy a bar stool, which will make people feel comfortable

v. give yourself the greatest security guarantee: a person's home is most worried about safety. If safety is done in place, he will be very secure. Therefore, there must be a leakage protection device at home, a gas leakage alarm for the range hood, and an alarm telephone number beside the telephone, as well as the telephone number of the closest person

VI. carpet laying for bedroom decoration: when decorating the bedroom, a woolen carpet can be laid. The woolly carpet can give people a feeling of safety, comfort and love. It's better to spoil yourself in a person's home

VII. The size of furniture should not be too large: a small furniture size will be more comfortable for a person's home. Therefore, do not choose oversized beds and sofas. You can choose a sofa with corners instead of 3+1 and 3+2 styles. In addition, it's best to choose a multifunctional sofa (for example, it can be opened as a bed), so that once guests come at home, they can also use it




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