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In 2018, Molike's brand promotion strategy has been developed in multiple dimensions, such as network marketing in new media, Golden advertising time publicity on CCTV, and the holding of 3D soft clothing design competitions covering the country

in 2018, Molike's brand promotion strategy has been developed in multiple dimensions, such as network marketing in new media, Golden advertising time publicity on CCTV, and holding 3D soft clothing design competitions covering the country. In the soft clothing industry, Molike has won the attention of the top ranking, and has a huge brand influence

01. Enter new media, Internet + brand marketing

in order to obtain the dividend of tens of millions of traffic, we must catch up with the outlet of network marketing. As the outbreak of the first year of short video this year, Molike strongly entered the Tiktok app, which accounts for the main flow of short video. Molike has fun to share soft knowledge in a relaxed and entertaining way, and has received tens of thousands of browsing and likes

Molike also occupies a leading position in the industry in terms of soft text promotion, and has entered the promotion momentum of new reading platforms such as today's headlines and penguin. The articles are mostly embedded in marketing with the relevance of current events and hot spots, establish the brand attitude of Molike, and spread more positive energy

whether it is the promotion built by Molike itself or the entry of other well-known platforms, there is no lack of impressive achievements. For example, the newly upgraded Molike official website, with clearer guidance and more perfect content, enables people to understand Molike faster and better, and accelerates the progress of investment promotion and alliance; In Zhihu, Weibo, Baidu know and other knowledge platforms, Molike doesn't spare no effort to answer questions about soft clothing for everyone and give full play to Molike's service spirit

02. Log on to CCTV and broadcast the advertising film in prime time.

Molike made a strong landing on CCTV again in 2018, shocking the three major channels of the screen: CCTV2 financial channel, CCTV7 military and agricultural channel, and cctv10 science and education channel. The brand popularity has been improved again. The new advertising film "choose Molike for overall soft clothing customization" is broadcast in prime time, and is accurately targeted to the backbone of the society who pursue success and pay attention to the quality of life

at the same time, the big event of Molike's landing on CCTV was reported by Sina home, Tencent home and other well-known home industry websites, obtaining compound interest to maximize advertising traffic, with a wider range of influence

03. Hold a soft clothing design competition to make a voice for the original

in the soft clothing industry, there are many imitations and inferior products, which deeply affect the development of the industry. Molike has been adhering to the original design and research and development of products for 36 years. Between the upgrading and release of Molike's new 3D cloud design system, Molike cup national soft clothing design competition was launched in 2018 to make a sound for the original and let consumers across the country see more good soft clothing

the competition attracted designers in the industry, design students from major art colleges, and soft clothing enthusiasts from the general public. The intensity of the competition was unprecedented

popular work "Zen"

popular work "romantic night in Paris"

popular work "the beauty of light luxury"

during the competition, nearly hundreds of thousands of contestants, and the entries have won more than 17000 votes in favor. Molike has established such a competition platform to support original design, constantly emerging more design stars, and constantly improving Molike's brand influence

looking forward to 2019, Molike still doesn't forget its original intention

make unremitting efforts to create a soft clothing legend

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