The weather turns cold and ushers in the decoratio

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I don't know if you have noticed:

it seems that overnight,

jumped from summer to winter


putting on autumn clothes and autumn pants

is the minimum respect for cooling

with the arrival of autumn clothes and autumn pants season, all regions have also entered the heating season in succession. In addition to caring about air conditioning and floor heating, many users have also begun to check the insulation of doors and windows

"although the doors and windows are closed, there is still cold wind blowing in. It should be because the doors and windows have been used for too long, so the sealing is not good." "After living in a new home for one year, the doors and windows are new, but recently I found that the sealing of the new doors and windows is not very good. I'm worried that the heating will slip away in the later stage of heating, and there is no heat preservation or energy conservation."

it can be seen that many residents have a headache due to the air leakage in their rooms caused by the quality of doors and windows. Data show that nearly 60% of indoor energy consumption is lost through doors and windows. What is more noteworthy is that the hidden danger of not ensuring the sealing of doors and windows not only lies in the lack of heat preservation and energy conservation, but also seriously affects the health of family members and home safety

▉ how to solve it

in view of people's concern about the thermal insulation of doors and windows, "as the connecting part between indoor and outdoor, doors and windows are the weak link of room thermal insulation, and it is also the breakthrough to solve the problems of room thermal insulation and energy saving, so we choose high-quality doors and windows when purchasing or replacing doors and windows."

1. Yonglijian aluminum is durable.

Ingres doors and windows are made of yonglijian aluminum. Aluminum profiles are made of primary aluminum ingots. Recycled aluminum is resolutely not used or mixed. Primary aluminum profiles have high strength and toughness

2. The glass has good light transmission and high safety.

the original sheet of table glass has good light transmission. It is a hollow double-layer glass automobile with 3C certification of grade tempered glass; Hot dip furnace process, reduce self explosion, thermal insulation

3. Jiangyin Haida rubber strip has good sealing performance

Jiangyin Haida rubber strip, automobile grade sealant strip, ternary, ethylene propylene sealant strip (EPDM) are used, with excellent sealing effect, aging resistance and wear resistance

4. Tenor wind insulation strip is energy-saving and environment-friendly

it adopts German tenor wind insulation strip, which has the characteristics of high strength, high toughness, low thermal conductivity, effective resistance to thermal expansion and cold contraction, heat insulation, energy saving, aging resistance and not easy to deform

the process design of angel doors and windows enables the combination of profiles, hardware, rubber strips, etc. to maintain the thermal insulation performance of doors and windows to a great extent; Of course, in addition to the quality of doors and windows, there are many factors that affect the thermal insulation performance of doors and windows. Whether the installation method is scientific and whether it is used properly will affect the performance of the thermal insulation function of doors and windows. Therefore, specific troubleshooting is required before corresponding treatment

remind residents that under normal circumstances, if there is air leakage in doors and windows, you can replace the sealing strip and hit the window sealant again. If the budget is sufficient, you can also replace the doors and windows with better thermal insulation performance, and add a set of heavy curtains, which can greatly reduce the indoor heat consumption

in addition, if you find quality problems with doors and windows, please seek professional after-sales service in time, so as to ensure the safety and comfort of your home


a good door and window can not only ensure the safety of home, but also help families improve the quality of heating, make the room more comfortable and healthy, and improve the quality of life. Therefore, when customizing doors and windows, we also need to polish our eyes and choose a reliable brand with guaranteed products and services


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