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1、 Introduction to Canglang teacher

Canglang teacher has a working history of "from soldier to general", has a certain theoretical basis and practical experience in the comprehensive operation of enterprises, has practical work experience in different depths in administration, human resource management, financial management and marketing, and has successful landing experience in enterprise internal training, terminal shopping guidance training, dealer training, etc

Mr. Canglang adheres to the enterprise management concept of "proceeding from reality and adjusting measures to local conditions", the administrative management thought of "the system is unfeeling, the management is ruthless, and people are affectionate", the human resource management concept of "thirst for talents, respect talents, and introspection if you don't see talents", and the marketing concept of "marketing differentiation is the differentiation of marketing details", Adhere to the production quality management thought of "trace and traceability"

for enterprise operation, Mr. Canglang attaches importance to strengthening team building, strengthening the overall combat ability and execution of the team, paying attention to the management concept of "implementing to the end and implementing in place", striving to strengthen the construction of enterprise culture, paying attention to the combination of enterprise values and talent values, and paying attention to the transformation of human resources into human capital

in practical work, Canglang teacher attaches great importance to the importance of "communication", and relies on "effective communication" to reduce internal friction and improve enterprise operation efficiency. In terms of market development, Mr. Canglang insists on the integration of the spirit of "bright sword" and "Snow Leopard"

II. Canglang teacher qualifications

Senior Business Administrator

theoretical and practical professional manager

Dean of Canglang Business School

executive dean of Yuxiu spring and autumn College (former)

Senior Consultant tutor

professional practical training expert and enterprise coach

III. Canglang teacher experience

-- once worked in foreign-funded enterprises and domestic well-known enterprises, Have in-depth practical research on various types of enterprises

-- worked in Harbin, Beijing and Hangzhou for many years, and had personal experience of the workplace environment in various regions of China

-- once served as the Secretary of the chairman, the assistant of the chairman, the director of human resources, the director of administration, the regional manager, the regional manager, the marketing director, the deputy general manager, the general manager and other important positions, with practical experience in the workplace from the grass-roots level to the senior level

-- good at enterprise operation, administration, human resources, marketing and other enterprise operation modules

-- be good at drafting and writing all kinds of enterprise rules and regulations, plans and plans

-- have unique opinions on career planning, workplace employment rules, office politics, workplace mentality, workplace communication skills, etc

-- have rich practical experience in enterprise internal training, dealer training, shopping guide training and terminal store operation

IV. service direction of Canglang Business School

senior professional practical consultant in the building materials industry, mainly focusing on theoretical and practical research on wallcovering, wallpaper, integrated ceiling, integrated wall, floor, curtain and soft decoration

he helped Yuxiu embroidery wall cloth and Qianzhuang embroidery, and worked together to build "Yuxiu" and "Qianzhuang" brands into well-known brands in the industry

dealer training and improvement

shopping guide training and improvement

enterprise internal training and improvement

terminal store operation diagnosis and service

enterprise operation comprehensive diagnosis and service

enterprise administrative diagnosis and service

enterprise human resources diagnosis and service

enterprise mechanism construction diagnosis and service

enterprise culture construction diagnosis and service

enterprise marketing diagnosis and service

Enterprise employee career rules Plan

Enterprise exhibition planning





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