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When choosing aluminum alloy doors and windows, what should we do in the face of various brands and explanations from different shopping guides? Suifu doors and windows tells you to pay attention to these misunderstandings and avoid "entering the pit" when purchasing doors and windows

myth 1: only look at the price, not the configuration

the first thing many consumers do when buying aluminum alloy doors and windows is to ask the price. However, if they think the price is high, they immediately run away. It's right to compare prices. We should comprehensively compare the same brands and materials in order to buy good aluminum alloy doors and windows

Myth 2: the heavier the better

this is our inertial thinking. The profile of aluminum alloy doors and windows is aluminum alloy. We can't see the raw materials inside with our naked eyes alone, and we can't judge whether the doors and windows are good or bad by weight alone

myth 3: do not pay attention to hardware accessories

although the volume of hardware accessories accounts for a small proportion in aluminum alloy doors and windows, its role cannot be underestimated. The quality of hardware accessories greatly affects the price of doors and windows, and also involves the use performance, internal strength, appearance and so on

myth 4: don't pay attention to signs

generally, regular manufacturers have production licenses, and there will be signs such as product name, ex factory date and quality insurance on the obvious parts of aluminum alloy doors and windows. We should pay attention to signs when purchasing aluminum alloy doors and windows, and if necessary, we can ask the shopping guide to show the production license and obtained certificate of the brand, which can guarantee the purchase

the above is the misunderstanding that should be paid attention to when purchasing aluminum alloy doors and windows. I hope it can help you. Suifu doors and windows have obtained ISO9001 quality management system certification, PICC "product liability insurance" insurance qualification, etc We have been trying to make consumers more comfortable




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