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Wulian crown smart lock is a nemesis. There are 10 ways to unlock, including password, fingerprint, mobile phone remote, mobile phone fingerprint, bus card, ID card, bank card, swipe watch, swipe mobile phone, key, etc. unlocking at home is a pleasure of life

after the earthquake

some people can't go home

an earthquake in the morning of winter refreshed people's understanding of smart locks

early this morning, a 6.2-magnitude earthquake occurred in the Taiwan Strait, with a focal depth of 20 kilometers. It was also felt in many places in Fujian, Guangdong and Zhejiang

it was quiet without any wind. The floor shook left and right, and the chandelier swung back and forth. Many people soon realized that an earthquake had occurred

later, we also know that this time it is only affected, and it will soon end

embarrassed, many friends found it was an earthquake, so they ran out in a hurry. It was too sudden and in a hurry. They didn't take any precautions and preparations, and they didn't have time to take their coats

as a result, after the shock was over, it was hung outside, the door was locked, and the key was not brought. In winter, a large group of people shivering in underpants called to unlock the phone and asked to open the door

in fact, these embarrassments can be completely avoided, no matter how urgent or hurried it is. The premise is that the door lock at home is an intelligent lock

if you have a smart lock,

you don't need to take the key anymore,

don't worry about losing or breaking the key,

don't worry about having a key for everyone at home,

don't worry about going out to take out the garbage and blowing the door closed,

you don't need your family to get up in the middle of the night to open the door for you,

the nanny leaves and the tenant doesn't need to change the lock again,

don't need to find the key in large bags or small bags when shopping home

in the face of thorny things, Wulian crown smart lock is the nemesis. There are 10 ways to unlock, including password, fingerprint, mobile phone remote, mobile phone fingerprint, bus card, ID card, bank card, watch swiping, mobile phone swiping, key, etc. unlocking at home is a kind of fun of life

in addition, not only is unlocking interesting, this lock also integrates camera and doorbell. In fact, it is equivalent to "smart lock + smart cat's eye + smart doorbell", which can also make the home safer

as for other problems, Wulian crown smart lock can be solved

it's no problem who opens the door when there are visitors. Just open it with your mobile phone, and the trouble of running over will disappear

if there is obsessive-compulsive disorder, it can be cured. Whether the door is locked or not, the lock will tell us when we go out. Even if we don't care too much, we can check the mobile phone. If the home appliance is not turned off, it will be turned off when we go out, so that the entanglement can go away

because of a lock, life will reduce troubles and become better. Why don't we try it

(source: Nanjing IOT)




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