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People are visual animals, and their preferences often depend on vision. For decoration, how can it be visually difficult. But here, you can't be so willful. If you buy the wrong clothes, you can change them again. If you put too much sugar, you can pour another cup of coffee. If the house is installed incorrectly, it is difficult to change it again. Therefore, the use of color in decoration should follow certain principles, so as to make a comfortable and beautiful home

duplex houses and duplex houses all need stairs. As an important part of the whole house, the decoration design of stairs plays an important role. Properly designed, it can not only make life convenient, but also add color to the house. If the design is not good, it may bring some small troubles to daily life. This article introduces some elements and styles of building stair design

elements of stair design

first, the noise should be small

the stair should not only be solid, safe and beautiful, but also should not make too much noise when in use

second, we should use environmentally friendly materials

just as furniture is made of materials, stairs “ Furniture ” Also by “ Materials ” For example, solid wood steps need to be painted

third, acute angles should be eliminated

all parts of the stairs should be smooth and round, without prominent and sharp parts, so as to avoid unintentional injury to users

Fourth, pay attention to the cooling and heating of handrails

if metal is used as the handrail of stairs, it is best to require the manufacturer to treat the metal surface, especially in the north. The cold feeling of metal in winter will make people particularly uncomfortable

fifth, the construction should be fast and convenient

choose the stairs and choose the installation method of the stairs. Fast and convenient installation will make sense for you and your neighbors. The convenient installation method will reduce the noise and dust to a minimum during the installation process. In addition, there are potential safety hazards in the installation of stairs that need to be welded, and odor and dust are also pollution to the home environment

style of stair design

wooden stairs

this is the one with the largest market share. The main reason why consumers like it is that the wood itself has a warm feeling, and it is easy to match with the floor material and color, so the construction is relatively convenient

iron stairs

stairs made of steel are mostly used as emergency stairs for fire passages, ladders, and less home decoration

steel wood stairs

this is actually a composite staircase of wood products and steel products. Some stair handrails and guardrails are made of iron, while stair boards are still made of wood; Some guardrails are made of iron, and handrails and stair boards are made of wood. There are many customers who choose this kind of stairs. Compared with pure wood stairs, this kind of stairs seems to be more lively and interesting. In the future, there will be a large choice of forged patterns in stair guardrails, including column patterns and patterns composed of various patterns; The colors are antique, but also appear in the natural color of copper and iron

marble stairs

customers who choose this kind of stairs have generally laid marble on the ground. In order to maintain the unity of indoor color and materials, they continue to lay stairs with marble. However, wooden products are mostly retained in the choice of handrails in stair design, so that a little warm color materials are added to the cold space

glass stairs

this is a new style at present, which is more suitable for modern young people. Glass is mostly frosted, not completely transparent, with a thickness of more than 10mm. This kind of stairs also use wood products as handrails. The price is a little lower than that of imported marble

stainless steel stairs

these are very few “ Alternative ” The selected material is sprayed with matte paint on the surface of the material, without the feeling of glittering. The material and processing cost of this kind of stairs are high

stairs are essential for houses with duplex structure. Stairs are home “ Up ” And “ Down ” A connection between, but not only that, between the top and bottom, we need to be safe and convenient





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