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Turn resources into effects - Honeywell product overview

only better technology can turn resources into effects. There is no doubt that the first-class technology that Honeywell has been advocating for nearly 35 years is unparalleled. We have always been a pioneer in automation technology, and we continue to innovate. Honeywell has the Ma signal transmission patent, created the first distributed control system (tdc2000), built the first smart transmitter (smartline), developed the first hybrid control system (plantscape), and developed the world's first process knowledge system (Experion PKS). Every invention we make across the whole life cycle of process solutions is to seek to create real user results

our company carries out R & D and operation with six sigma methodology as the code of action in the whole range to ensure that users continue to receive improved and stable quality results. Our global R & D and testing team consciously caters to users' product requirements in design, use and delivery with the highest standards. We intend to integrate users and suppliers into the definition of research and development, and then produce innovative technical guidelines closely related to products

Honeywell, with its flawless commitment to the whole process of the whole design and installation cycle, ensured the comprehensiveness, safety, scalability and integrity of its technology in 2012, when China experienced long-term and large-scale heavy haze weather. This commitment to technical leadership is directly reflected in the latest breakthrough we announced - Experion pksexperion can perceive everything - to unify assets, production and personnel and improve business convenience. This proven, open, completely safe and reliable technology has achieved transcendence. For example, the mold filling rate has increased from optimization to the level of output at the beginning of 2014 to reducing the maintenance cost by 30%, helping to manage all details. The system is built on a standard distributed control structure using the technology of the anomaly management (ASM) association, and integrates the factory hardware and computer system security features within the enterprise as an organism. Compared with the traditional distributed control system, process knowledge system has more far-reaching significance - transforming knowledge into intelligence. In a word, having the right knowledge at the right time is the key to making the right decision

exprion solution integrates the essence of the platform, Honeywell advanced application system and our expert services to help users make better decisions and improve business performance, so as to feel at ease

· asset application system - actively manage assets in real time, minimize downtime, and improve asset performance

· control application system - optimize the control performance throughout the whole production process and improve the yield

· the difference in operation is not simply reflected in the application of systems in products and technologies - by capturing and converting appropriate and available knowledge to prolong plant operation time and improve safety performance

· business application system - real time comprehensive data transmission throughout the entire supply chain, using complete business solutions to improve revenue

· system - a solid, scalable, reliable control and security platform is used to integrate the data exchange site

· instrument - the process of effectively measuring and controlling the source location

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