The hottest resin glasses are afraid of high tempe

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Resin glasses are afraid of high temperature

otherwise they will not be imported

resin glasses are light in weight and are not easy to crack. In case the lens is broken, it will not only have less fragments, but also not sharp, which can minimize the injury of eyeballs and faces; It almost completely blocks ultraviolet rays with wavelengths below 350mm, and the effect is far better than that of glass lenses; Because the heat transfer conductivity of resin lens is lower than that of glass, it is not easy to produce blurring due to steam and hot water gas, and even if blurring occurs, it will quickly disappear; Generally, high heat and small volume substances are easy to cause dents and spots on the glass, but if they touch the resin lens, they will automatically pop up and will not cause any traces on the surface of the lens. Resin glasses have many advantages, which make them very popular with consumers

recently, Master Li, a driver who lives in Beijing, bought a new pair of resin glasses. After not wearing them for a few days, strips appeared on the lenses to promote the use of "fine lines" in automotive aluminum. Master Li, who thought he had bought fake goods, complained to the industrial and commercial department. After the on-site experiment of the industrial and commercial department, it was found that because Master Li liked to put his glasses in the car, the resin lens could not bear the high temperature before it grew "wrinkles"

the total industrial output value and total sales volume of the whole industry have reached more than 50billion yuan. According to professionals in optical shops, resin glasses are different from glass lenses. Their structure is composed of three layers. If the temperature exceeds 60 ℃, the lenses will be damaged and blurred due to the different expansion rates of each layer at high temperature. The Department of industry and Commerce therefore reminded consumers that resin glasses should not be put in closed and high-temperature cars for a long time. It is estimated that by 2019, they will reach 4.5 billion pounds

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