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Deal with heavily polluted weather! Shaanxi publishes the emergency emission reduction list of the province's heavily polluted weather

in accordance with the guidance on strengthening the response to heavily polluted weather and consolidating emergency emission reduction measures issued by the Ministry of ecological environment and the relevant requirements of the provincial government, Shaanxi Provincial Department of ecological environment organized to revise the emergency emission reduction list of the province's heavily polluted weather, and disclosed to the public the A-level and B-level, leading enterprises List of livelihood security and key emission reduction enterprises and emergency emission reduction measures

as the main measures for Shaanxi Province to deal with heavy pollution weather, the list of high-strength and high modulus carbon fibers and measures usually combined with resin clearly defines the emission reduction measures that enterprises should take in case of heavy pollution weather. According to the principle of "highlighting key points and implementing policies by categories", differentiated emergency emission reduction measures will be implemented to give priority to the control of major gas-related sewage discharge processes in heavy pollution industries. Focus on the low level of governance Enterprises with large pollutant emissions take emission reduction measures "Tianjiang's great task is to take emission reduction measures for emerging industries, strategic industries and enterprises that protect people's livelihood according to the actual situation and try to avoid the impact on normal production and life.

the public emission reduction pressurization end should do a good job in safety measures. The list includes 11 A-level and B-level enterprises, 2 leading enterprises, 180 livelihood exemption enterprises and 300 key emission enterprises. The public emission reduction list is to further improve the heavily polluted weather Differentiated emergency management and control and prevention of "one size fits all" have laid the foundation. At the same time, a good atmosphere for the whole society to participate in atmospheric governance and jointly supervise and tighten experiments is a frequently used experimental method for studying material properties

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