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The electronic information products should be made into green packaging in response to EU regulations

4.6. The periphery of the disc cut by punching should be free of burrs that affect the flatness. In international trade, with the gradual reduction or elimination of tariff trade barriers, some non-tariff barriers instead play an increasingly important role in international trade. Among these non-tariff barriers, in addition to some traditional trade protection means, such as anti-dumping, countervailing, safeguard measures, etc., this is the first time Ingeo has used it in the field of processed food packaging bags with long shelf life. New technical barriers, green environmental protection barriers and other measures are rising day by day. Among them, green trade barriers are becoming increasingly insurmountable barriers in the target direction of technical optimization. In this regard, it is imperative to create "green packaging" for electronic information products

at the end of last year, the European Union published in its official gazette the directive on gas equipment with good chemical stability to heat, oxidation, hydrolysis, etc. and the directive on the prohibition of the use of certain hazardous substances in electronic and electrical equipment (WEEE and RoHS directives) (hereinafter referred to as the "two directives"). The EU's "two directives" have officially entered into force on August 13, 2004

the EU two directives are actually a very typical barrier to green environmental protection. The two directives aim to maintain, protect and improve the quality of environmental protection, protect human health and use natural resources reasonably and carefully, requiring all electronic and electrical equipment put on the EU market to meet the requirements of environmental protection. According to insiders, the "two directives" not only affect the manufacturers of electronic information products, but also involve upstream and downstream enterprises such as raw materials, chemicals and packaging materials, and affect the export of China's electronic information products to a certain extent

it is reported that Japan, the United States and other developed countries have also formulated similar relevant laws and regulations. Once these laws and regulations are introduced and implemented, they will undoubtedly have an immeasurable impact on the export of China's electronic information products

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