Create a harmonious atmosphere of Global trade

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Create a harmonious atmosphere for Global trade

November 23, 2007, Hillary Clinton, who is working hard for the presidential dream, wrote on her blog: "If I become president, I will immediately ask an independent third party to inspect toys; increase the number of product prosecutors; and legislate on children's products... At the beginning of the 2008 U.S. presidential election campaign, all Democratic candidates have clearly expressed their protectionist positions. They have promised that if I become president, they will protect local industries in the United States, restrict imports of Chinese products, and demand the appreciation of the RMB, Take a tougher attitude towards China... Although Chinese people are used to it, nearly 40 bills of the US Senate and house of Representatives on China's trade are "ruthlessly" in front of them

coincidentally. At the end of 2007, the economic boom of the European Union and the strength of the euro made China's exports to Europe grow rapidly, making the honeymoon period of China EU economic and trade relations turn cold rapidly. From September to early December 2007, the European Union launched six anti-dumping investigations and two anti circumvention investigations against China. Relevant people predict that a large deficit will cause more dissatisfaction in the EU

with the deepening of economic globalization, as a fully open and rapidly growing developing country, the interdependence between China's economy and the world economy has further deepened, but the international economic and trade relations are more complex. Chen Deming stressed at the first business work conference after assuming the post of minister of Commerce: we must take into account the requirements of safeguarding China's development interests and promoting the common development of all countries, strive to expand the convergence of interests with all parties, and create a good external environment for domestic development

in order to achieve "good popularity" in the complex and volatile international community, China must properly handle trade frictions and work hard to enhance the ability of win-win cooperation

on the one hand, we should strengthen communication and coordination, make use of multi bilateral channels and relevant working mechanisms, and promote the solution of major economic and trade problems that are far from meeting the huge needs of the domestic market. In major country relations, we should strengthen communication and consultation through the mechanism of the China US Joint Commission on commerce and trade and other multilateral and bilateral channels to appropriately address the concerns of the United States, such as intellectual property rights, trade deficits and other hot issues; At the same time, efforts should be made to resolve major economic and trade issues of concern to China, such as market economy status and export control. Specifically, in 2008, we should strengthen comprehensive strategic research and formulate an overall strategy for us economic and trade work in the new era; Hold the 19th China US Joint Commission on commerce and trade; Preparing for the fourth China US strategic economic dialogue; Strengthen negotiations and actively respond to trade disputes initiated by the United States against China; We should properly respond to the US China related economic and trade bill and continue to encourage enterprises to invest in the United States

for the EU and European countries, the 1985 agreement negotiations should be improved in 2008, and substantive negotiations on major issues such as trade relief measures, investment, government procurement should be carried out as soon as possible; Strengthen the cooperation between China and the EU in energy, capital, technology and other aspects

developing countries are old friends of China, but the relationship between the two sides has changed in recent years, which is highlighted by the competitive relationship between some products of our country and developing countries. To continue to maintain good relations with developing countries, we need to closely combine foreign assistance, overseas resource development, and import expansion, so as to expand the comprehensive effect of policies, so as to reduce friction and achieve win-win results

as for the relationship with surrounding countries, China needs to innovate the content of cooperation, constantly enhance mutual trust, take a long-term view, deal with economic and political interests, national interests, constantly improve the relationship between the innovation carrier of new material industry and regional interests, competition and cooperation, surrounding and other trading partners, and solve the problems of trade imbalance and rising trade protection

this year, the WTO will review China's trade policies for the second time. The competent commercial departments at all levels should organize and standardize the existing economic and trade policies, and the newly issued economic and trade policies should comply with the requirements of WTO rules. With the continuous enhancement of China's economic strength, it is necessary to participate more in the formulation of international rules and realize the role transformation from passive recipients of international rules to active participants. Specifically, we should actively promote the Doha Round negotiations and participate in the formulation of new rules for agriculture and service industry; Actively participate in the activities of the world bank, International Monetary Fund, OECD and other organizations, and handle the economic and trade relations with the "group of eight"

on the other hand, we should strengthen the cooperation mechanism and promote regional coordinated development. The 17th National Congress of the Communist Party of China raised the construction of free trade zone as a national strategy for the first time. Therefore, we should proceed from the long-term interests and overall interests, pay close attention to formulating the strategic plan for the development of the free trade zone, and clarify the guiding ideology, strategic objectives and work priorities for the coming period. Actively promote new progress in the free trade area under discussion, implement the signed free trade agreements, such as the implementation of the "10+1" and "10+3" achievements, and sign the China ASEAN Eastern growth area cooperation framework

in terms of economic and trade cooperation with Hong Kong and Macao, we should further implement the closer economic and trade relationship arrangement between the mainland and Hong Kong and Macao, improve the CEPA mechanism, expand the open field of the service industry, properly handle the macro policy adjustment of the mainland, and the impact of similar filabot companies and the implementation of the free trade zone strategy on Hong Kong and Macao; Strive to promote the development of cross-border services between the mainland and Hong Kong and Macao; Deepen the cooperation between the mainland and Hong Kong and Macao in the field of international economy and trade, and give play to the role of Hong Kong and Macao in the implementation of the "going out" strategy. Expand the cooperation between mainland provinces and cities and Hong Kong and Macao in joint investment invitation, exhibition, personnel training, small and medium-sized enterprises, etc; We will vigorously attract Hong Kong's productive services such as logistics, accounting, finance and law to invest in the mainland, and promote the further integration of Hong Kong and Macao's service industries with mainland manufacturing

accelerating the opening up along the border is an important measure to narrow the opening gap between the East and the West and promote regional coordinated development; Regional and sub regional cooperation is an important starting point for opening up along the border. Therefore, we should actively promote trade and investment facilitation in the Greater Mekong subregion, and promote China Vietnam "two corridors and one ring" and Pan Beibu Gulf Economic Cooperation; Steadily promote Northeast Asia cooperation and Tumen River Sub regional cooperation; Strengthen the regional economic cooperation mechanism of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and promote the construction of the China Kazakhstan Horgos International Border Cooperation Center. For example, Xinjiang can take advantage of its regional advantages to implement the continuously enhanced economic functions of SCO in Xinjiang, so as to raise the capacity of logistics, people flow, capital flow and information flow to a new level

as long as the mainstream of common development remains unchanged, disputes are properly resolved and mutually beneficial cooperation is strengthened, China will create a good economic and trade environment for its own development in 2008 and set an example for creating a harmonious global trade atmosphere. (end)

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