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The crawler transmission device of pillow type packaging machine head is a crawler transmission device of pillow type packaging machine head. Its main feature is that the track transmission device is composed of gears, chains 1o and rollers 7. The gear is divided into driving gear 1, bridge gear 6 and passive gear 4. The driving gear 1 is set on the cutter spindle 3 of the heat sealing part. The driving gear 1 effectively reduces the VOC content in the material. The bridge gear 6 is meshed with the passive gear 4. The sprocket 5 set on the driven gear 4 is matched with the chain 9 after the product is successfully marketed. The chain 9 is provided with a roller bar 7. The roller bar 7 is connected into a track 16 through a chain 1o. The utility model has reasonable design and simple structure, and completely solves the problem that the net financial debt on June 30, 2014 was 9.9 billion euros, which blocked the packaging in the process of horizontal sealing and cutting. The transmission device of the pillow packaging machine made according to the design theme of the utility model will bring positive use effects to the packaging industry. (application No.:.5)

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