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Recently, Ms. Chen in Lanzhou called a newspaper to ask: she heard that the ink in the printed matter is toxic. Will the beautifully printed pallet paper and food bags used in restaurants such as western food and fast food affect human health? To this end, we conducted an investigation and interview, and were surprised to find that the ink on tray paper, food bags and other items is not only harmful to human health, but also lead to poisoning and other more serious problems if eaten by mistake for a long time

beautiful appearance

merchants and customers love tray paper

in a cafe on Gannan Road, I found that every customer was covered with a beautifully printed tray paper. Ms. Liu, who was having dinner, said that the tray paper was very practical. It was lined under the dinner plate to prevent food from falling on the table, so that diners would no longer feel sick about the juicy table. At the same time, they could also learn about all kinds of special food in the restaurant, which could be described as killing two birds with one stone

in a newly opened coffee shop in Shizi, Xiguan, Lanzhou, Mr. Zhang, the boss, told him that he was also fond of tray paper. He had previously opened a small restaurant, and guests would always accidentally overturn food, from the body in white to the assembly, to the parts and drinks, making people at first glance look very unsanitary. Although the tablecloth on the table had to be cleaned every day, it was always unclean. Later, Mr. Zhang went to a western restaurant for a western meal and found that the tabletops with tray paper were very clean. After returning, he also found a printing factory to make some tray paper himself. After using it for a period of time, even the waiter who washed the tablecloth said that the sanitary environment of the restaurant was much better. This time, Mr. Zhang also prepared a lot of tray paper for his new coffee shop. According to him, who will give up something cheap, convenient and beautiful? In the survey, both operators and customers highly affirmed the efficacy of tray paper

hidden "killing" machine

the ink of printing pallet paper is toxic

is the pallet paper really as prosperous as many operators and consumers say? It is understood that restaurants in Lanzhou that use pallet paper have printed words and patterns on the pallet paper, and the printed pallet paper is printed with ink without exception. As early as four years ago, some people in China proposed that ink is toxic, and regular contact with ink will cause harm to human body, and even endanger life. Is the ink used to print pallet paper toxic? If the ink is toxic, will using tray paper also affect your health? With this question, I interviewed Master Wang of Lanzhou Bayi printing factory. He told that ink pollution came from pigments. These pigments contain toxic heavy metal elements such as lead, chromium, cadmium and mercury, as well as carcinogens polychlorinated biphenyls

the staff of Lanzhou food hygiene supervision and Inspection Institute told that the toxic part in the ink would damage the human body and subcutaneous fat, be sucked into the trachea, bronchus, lungs or transmitted to other organs through blood vessels and lymphatic vessels, and even cause chronic poisoning of the body. In addition, a toxic substance called polychlorinated biphenyls in ink will cause poisoning when the storage amount in the human body reaches 0.5 ~ 2G


the compulsory certification of food packaging will be launched

the staff member said that now people like to eat Western food, but most customers are used to putting knives and forks with oil stains on the tray paper, which will make the tableware polluted by the work of the SAR Government in the next two years, and then pollute the food. The staff suggested to try to avoid the mixture of food and mimeograph paper products. The restaurant can use white paper or even no tray paper

it is understood that since January 1, 2005, on the basis of carrying out the "food safety project", the state has included food packaging in the six categories of products under national product quality supervision for key supervision. In 2006, the state will issue compulsory certification standards for the food packaging industry to further guide and regulate the healthy development of food and food packaging industry

source: Western business daily

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