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China has made progress in the application of large-scale manufacturing and real-time detection of paper-based chips.

recently, researchers jiangxingyu, Zhang Wei and Dr. Yang Mingzhu of the national nanoscience center have developed a large-scale manufacturing method of barcode based paper-based chips and a multiple detection method that can read the results with barcode readers through the stacking and cutting technology of paper. Most of the more than 40 enterprises are from Beijing The start-up company law in Shanghai provides ideas for the development of new functions and new applications of traditional materials (paper). The related research result "climbing stacked sheets of paper into test paper for rapid and multiplexed assay" was published by science advances on December 1st, 2017

paper stacking and cutting technology is used for precision processing and large-scale manufacturing of bar coded paper-based chips.

paper-based chips are widely used in poorly equipped laboratories and resource scarce areas because of their advantages of fast detection speed, simple operation, easy to drive traditional and high-tech enterprises to fly together and low cost. However, the processing of micro reaction channels on paper-based chips still depends on technologies such as photolithography, wax spray printing, ink-jet printing, silk printing and plasma etching. The above technologies not only require sophisticated equipment, but also have low processing efficiency, which makes it difficult to achieve large-scale manufacturing of paper-based chips. In addition, the reading of test results and data storage mostly rely on manual operation, which is not only inefficient, but also has a certain error rate

JIANG Xingyu's research group used one-dimensional bar code for the coding of a variety of biomarkers, realizing the efficient reading and input of multiple detection results; Using the thickness of paper to simulate the wide and narrow cells of bar code, without relying on any sophisticated equipment, the accurate processing of bar code in chip is realized; The large-scale manufacturing of barcode paper-based chips is realized by using paper cutting technology. The detection and analysis system has wide application range, fast detection speed, simple and efficient detection and readout operation, and provides a new method for real-time inspection. The processing technology of barcode chip has opened up a new means for the large-scale manufacturing of paper-based chips. The research will also promote the application of paper-based chips in nucleic acid detection, drug screening and cell behavior research

this research is a further expansion of the previous intensive research work of Jiang Xingyu's research group (lab chip, 1738742017; anal Chem, 879002015), and has been supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the national major scientific instrument and equipment development project, and the "Innovation Team International Partnership Program" of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

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