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In response to market demand, Changchai company is ready for the T3 emission standard

in response to market demand, Changchai is easy to operate, and the company is ready for the T3 emission standard

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T3 is the third stage emission standard for non road engines (commonly known as the national III emission "top 50" is only a starting point standard). Since October 1, 2015, the national development and Reform Commission has issued a document requiring that diesel engines for non road mobile machinery must meet the requirements of T3 stage, which means that non road engines will be comprehensively upgraded. In recent stage, all functional departments and technical departments of the company are making final preparations for the arrival of T3 era, and all manufacturing plants are also operating at full capacity to meet the market demand

facing the new situation of industry development, Changchai has already completed the product layout of T3. According to the characteristics of the domestic T3 market, the company's 18 family products have been type approved, and their performance can meet the domestic T3 emission standard, and have passed strict stability and durability tests. At present, the technical center of the company is organizing technicians to work overtime. In addition to the additional classification of smoke producing toxicity of materials in A2, B and C levels, additional points are added to verify various data on site, so as to provide a basis for the next development of new products of the company. Quality, procurement and other functional departments are strengthening the supplier quality system to prepare for the future standardization of parts

with the introduction of new standards, the requirements for engines, especially diesel engines, will be higher and higher in the future. Improving the technical level of diesel engines and developing clean and green power will become an important direction for the development of domestic engines in the future. According to the relevant personnel of the technical department, after the implementation of the T3 off-road emission standard, Changchai electric control single cylinder engine will continue to take the lead in the industry, and the subsequent development of new products will also complement the models of all families, and provide users with ideal green power products after the new machines arrive at the factory

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