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In response to the 12th Five Year Plan, awesome automation education

automation major is a very viable major. The development of automation technology has promoted the improvement of the technical level of other industries. The level of industrial automation has become the main indicator to measure a country's advanced industrial level. Therefore, it is particularly important to cultivate top-notch innovative talents in automation major. Delta group, the global leader in industrial automation, has been actively committed to the education of automation talents while developing industry

according to the goal of vigorously cultivating and cultivating innovative scientific and technological talents in the 12th Five Year Plan, delta group has been actively cooperating with the government and education departments to discuss how to learn from foreign experience and study its own situation in the context of the development of information technology. The situation of Ningbo green Mobil NEW Material Technology Co., Ltd. has also attracted the attention of the industry. It scientifically plans the development of disciplines to achieve hierarchical, multi-mode An innovative way to cultivate and deliver high-quality talents for the automation industry in multiple specifications. Since the establishment of the Taida Mainland University cooperation plan in 2009, Taida group has started the process of school enterprise cooperation in more than ten engineering colleges and universities across the country at a tight and orderly pace. It is expected that tens of thousands of students and social personnel in many provinces and cities will benefit from this plan in the next five years

delta group believes that automation education should pay attention to practical links. Many innovations come from laboratories and production lines. Practice can not only improve students' interest in learning, but also cultivate students' ability to innovate and apply. Since entering the mainland automation market for many years, delta group has been trying to cultivate national industrial automation talents and popularize and improve the level of automation technology through two modes

Delta Electromechanical automation training center was unveiled, which was also listed as Wujiang automation skills training base

on the one hand, through the school enterprise cooperation talent training mode, delta cooperates with colleges and universities to establish Delta Automation Laboratory. The experimental center includes two parts: basic laboratory and integrated laboratory. It takes various activities such as going deep into colleges and universities to carry out automation product demonstration and technology publicity, so as to enhance the practical understanding and application of automation technology between engineering teachers and students, and effectively improve students' practical ability, So as to stimulate its positive experimental innovation potential, so as to directly import mature automation talents from colleges and universities to the society, and help the country cultivate real manufacturing and service technical talents in the future automation field. For example, recently, delta group took the opportunity of the annual double teacher training in Jiangsu Province to carry out a four-day delta automation product knowledge training and graduation ceremony based on Nanjing Institute of engineering, the first university to establish Delta Automation Experimental Center. During the meeting, the school enterprise cooperation project of delta attracted the attention of teachers from colleges and universities in the field of new materials in the province. At the same time, colleges and universities such as Suzhou Vocational University, Zhangjiagang Shazhou vocational and technical college, Yangzhou Jianghai college, Zhengde vocational and technical college, Nantong Vocational University, Zhenjiang college, Changzhou Light Industry Vocational and technical college have thrown out olive branches of cooperation intentions

the annual Jiangsu double teacher training is taught in Delta Automation Experimental Center

on the other hand, in the talent training mode of government enterprise cooperation, delta group and local governments jointly build a training base for automation skilled talents to train automation talents for the society. For example, Wu 2018 global peek, which was listed on May 31 this year, will usher in the peak demand. Jiang automation skills training base is another function of Delta Electromechanical automation training center. This training center can undertake the function of vocational skills appraisal. For those who have been trained and appraised, they can directly issue national vocational skills certificates for senior workers. At the same time, its training objects are not only limited to the internal engineers of delta group, but also face the whole society, and cultivate industrial automation talents for all walks of life in Wujiang City to help enterprises realize transformation and upgrading

automation education, which has a long-term plan and is based on education and has a deep impact on the future development of a country, needs continuous investment and an expanding education cooperation mode. In this regard, the relevant person in charge of delta group said that delta not only attaches importance to the investment and operation of the existing Automation Experimental Center, but also will continue to provide new products and technologies of Delta Automation in the future, Provide a good environment for project design and engineering practice for college students, create a good platform for teachers to carry out scientific research, shorten the gap between school education and enterprise demand for talents, cultivate technical talents in manufacturing and service in China's automation field, and make up for the vacancy of urgently needed high-end people in the country's current industrial upgrading

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