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Create a packaging and printing ecosystem, E-box printing promotes the development of the color box industry

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core tip: Jinguan technology, which has many customer resources in the packaging field and many years of experience in the operation of packaged platforms, has been aiming to create a leapfrog development of the printing industry ecosystem, focusing on the capacity transformation of the packaging and printing industry, Based on the realization of product to platform, we carry out continuous research and development exploration of product innovation and mode upgrading

[China Packaging News] we all know that in addition to the function of protecting products, clothing, shoes and hats packaging boxes also have the function of beautifying products, promoting products, facilitating product sales, helping consumers identify, purchase and carry, improving the popularity of clothing, shoes and hats products and establishing the brand image of enterprises. With the improvement of people's aesthetic standards, the requirements for packaging are also getting higher and higher. Packaging with excellent materials, exquisite design and concise and complete text descriptions can play a role in promoting sales

with many customer resources in the packaging field and many years of experience in the operation of the packaging platform, golden crown technology has been aiming to create a leapfrog development of the printing industry ecosystem, and has been carrying out continuous R & D and exploration of product innovation and mode upgrading around the packaging and printing industry on the basis of capacity transformation and product to platform

on this basis, golden crown technology launched the color box packaging e-commerce platform "E-box printing", which is jointly built by people who are strong professionals in the packaging and printing industry and have successfully shortened the number of customer periods to less than one month, experienced e-commerce people, and system R & D people with deep technical level. It is committed to providing special color box packaging services for industry manufacturers and customers, and solving the stubborn diseases that have plagued the industry and market for many years

in the field of clothing, shoes and hats packaging, E-box printing provides customers with a full range of packaging services. The scope of service covers shoe boxes, clothing packaging boxes, scarves/scarves packaging boxes, watches/Belts/gloves packaging boxes, underwear/underwear/bra packaging boxes, glasses/Jewelry/Necklace packaging boxes, ties/bow tie packaging boxes, cufflinks/key chain packaging boxes, backpacks/wallets/handbags packaging boxes for manufacturers to choose from. In previous cooperation, E-box printing has also been highly praised by manufacturers

"E-box printing" e-commerce platform uses advanced technology, systems and equipment to re transform the traditional color box printing process, realizing:

1. 500 starting printing

small orders are like chicken ribs for traditional printing enterprises, with high cost and low profit. E-box printing uses the Internet platform to integrate fragmented color box small orders, so as to achieve rapid production, rapid delivery, and personalized customization

2. The market price drops by 70%

save 10% through 3D proofing, 30% by new plate making, 10% by advanced equipment, 10% by transportation, and 10% by quotation receiving. These items add up to 70% in terms of degradable packaging materials, for example. Cost reduction is an important step for E-box printing to benefit customers and win customers' trust

3. 72 hour delivery

e box printing is limited by bankruptcy supply and marketing. Akulon XS developed by DSM independently solves this problem. It can uniformly manage and control the national production and supply chain, realize the same quality, the same service, the same standard, international ISO printing standard, and can be delivered within 72 hours, greatly shortening the printing time and improving the service experience

4, 24-hour order receiving, quotation for 1 minute

e-box printing e-commerce platform to achieve 24-hour order receiving, no need to wait. Using Internet thinking and technology, we can realize the automatic quotation, order and follow-up of small orders for color box packaging, so as to make small orders standardized, fast and industrialized

5. Free 3D proofing, free download of knife mold drawing

most packaging boxes need professional design and cutting before printing finished products. However, most users have no professional design, and the knife line is not unified, resulting in long communication time, long service period and low user experience. Providing free professional knife line and color box design template is a highlight of E-box printing. Just enter the size of the finished product and download the standard design knife line drawing immediately. If the existing design only needs to upload the design documents, you can see the 3D physical map in 3 minutes, what you see is what you get, eliminating the repeated proofing service process

through the above characteristics and in front of the market, a strong competitive advantage has been established, and the launch of E-box printing is bound to change the market map of the industry

e box printing integrates the upstream and downstream of the packaging industry, gathers various online and offline resources, applies big data to analyze, mine and provide value-added services for the interconnected packaging and printing ecosystem, and serves packaging and printing enterprises, design creationists, color box packaging users, terminal consumption and other ecosystem participants to solve the low production efficiency, supply and demand mismatch Personalize and put forward problems such as the difficulty in meeting the needs of its research results "global aerospace composite industry 2014 (2) 019: Trend and forecast analysis", so as to achieve a win-win situation for the whole industry and customers and promote the development of the color box industry

in the cooperation with customers from all walks of life, including the clothing, shoes and hats industry, E-box printing has always continuously improved the quality of its products and services, continuously reduced costs, left benefits and profits to our customers, and provided each customer with the most perfect product and service experience. E-box printing is also looking forward to cooperating with manufacturers in the clothing, footwear and hat industry. Welcome to order and experience

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