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At present, some small restaurants and large stalls put a disposable plastic bag on the tableware jacket before using dishes, bowls and other tableware to contain food, calling this "hygiene and anti-virus". So, is this way really hygienic and safe

Wuhan Jiangxia Miaoshan industrial and commercial office recently found that some catering operators in the area like to put a disposable white plastic bag on the outside of dishes, bowls and other tableware, saying that this is about hygiene to prevent germs from harming citizens

however, the authoritative department found that this was not only unhygienic, but also seriously harmful

according to the health supervision department, after resetting the travel of the actuator to ± 50mm, most of the disposable recycled plastic bags on the market are recycled plastic products made of PVC and polystyrene. A considerable number of these plastic bags are recycled and processed by using waste plastics collected at the garbage station. Without disinfection, the plastic itself may contain bacteria. In addition, when the load of plastic products can no longer rise, stabilizers are added in the processing, and these stabilizers are also toxic

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relevant people also introduced that if you use PVC plastic bags to pack oily food and food with a temperature of more than 50 degrees Celsius, the lead in the bags will dissolve into the food, release toxic gases, and pollute the food. People are easy to cause food poisoning after eating this toxic food. Long term consumption of this kind of cooked food packed with plastic products will bring inestimable harm to human health

at present, the Department of industry and Commerce has ordered merchants to stop this kind of bagging behavior of "painting the snake and adding feet", and reminded consumers to try not to use disposable recycled plastic bags to package food, especially cooked food

source of information: truking daily

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