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Dealing with environmental challenges, Ford showed the latest clean and energy-saving technology, especially when the price was too low. On November 15, Ford announced the company's strategic path for the development of clean and energy-saving technology in Shanghai, and showed its representative vehicles of the latest clean and energy-saving technology, Ford edge plug-in fuel cell hybrid electric concept vehicle and Ford Yihu gasoline electric hybrid mass production vehicle, This is released through Ford's participation in the 2007 Biden challenge, a top-level event to showcase and test the world's cutting-edge sustainable automotive technology

Susan, senior vice president of sustainable development, environment and safety engineering of Ford Motor Company, who enjoys a high reputation in the field of global sustainable development technology? Ms. sisky will also participate in the "energy, environment and transportation" forum held on the afternoon of November 17 on behalf of the company to discuss with Chinese and foreign government officials and industry insiders how to accelerate the market introduction of new energy and new technologies

as one of the leaders in the global automotive industry, Ford Motor Company has been actively engaged in the development of new energy models, with the most complete advanced technology, from clean diesel, flexible fuel and biofuel, hybrid, hydrogen internal combustion engine to fuel cell. The two models that participated in the 2007 Biden challenge in Shanghai represent the leading level in their related fields

Ford edgehyseries - the world's first plug-in and driveable fuel cell hybrid concept car

2007 Ford edge plug-in fuel cell hybrid electric vehicle is the world's first plug-in and driveable fuel cell hybrid self diagnostic fault hybrid concept car, which combines on-board hydrogen fuel cell generator and lithium-ion battery, and adopts hydrogen fuel cell power series hybrid transmission. This flexible power system has reduced the size, weight, cost and complexity of traditional fuel cell systems by more than 50%. It is also expected to double the life of fuel cell packs. China has recently taken the comprehensive, harmonious and sustainable scientific concept of development as its guiding ideology. Its fuel economy in urban and highway comprehensive driving is 5.74 L/100 km. For drivers who drive less than 80 kilometers a day, the fuel economy can be as low as 2.94 liters/100 kilometers on average

Ford Yihu -- the cleanest, most fuel-efficient and most suitable hybrid SUV for driving in the city

another participating vehicle Ford Yihu hybrid is the world's first mass-produced hybrid SUV, which was launched in 2004. After several years of continuous updating, it is still the cleanest and most fuel-efficient hybrid SUV in the world, integrating excellent fuel economy, durability Spacious and road driving and off-road ability. As a "complete" hybrid vehicle, Ford Yihu gasoline electric hybrid vehicle is different from the "light" hybrid vehicle that only uses electricity when starting. Through high-end technology and design, it can automatically switch between pure electric, pure gasoline engine power or hybrid power, so as to achieve the excellent performance of real energy saving and emission reduction. At the speed of about 48 km/h, 100% electric power can be used, and the cut-off frequency of low-pass filter can be reasonably set to charge with the energy released during braking, so as to maximize the fuel economy, which is especially suitable for urban driving with heavy traffic and frequent starting and stopping of vehicles

2008 Ford Yihu gasoline electric hybrid vehicle has the same excellent acceleration performance as the traditional 3.0lv6 Ford Yihu, but its fuel economy in the city is 80% higher than that of the 3.0lv6 Ford Yihu, 99.4% lower than that of the general SUV, and it is very durable and reliable

these two vehicles participated in various technical competitions and test drive activities at the main venue of the Jiading Biden challenge from November 14 to 16. On the afternoon of November 17, the public can have a glimpse of its style at Pudong Century Avenue and Shanghai Science and Technology Museum Square

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