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In order to speed up China's automation process, Omron appeared at the Shanghai Industrial Expo

[November 6, 2012, Shanghai] Omron, a world-renowned automation control integrated solution provider, made a high-profile appearance in Shanghai to participate in the 14th China International Industrial Expo industrial automation exhibition, which was damaged by radial tightening. In line with the theme of paying attention to the cutting-edge technology of automation development this year, Omron showed the NJ series machine controllers of its epoch-making SYSMAC automation platform and the cutting-edge products and solutions of the environmental division

according to various forecasts, China's demographic dividend will actually be closed by next year. In 2013, the growth rate of the domestic working age population will slow down, and the aging of the labor force population structure will accelerate. The labor-intensive enterprises' difficulties in recruiting and retaining workers will quickly become prominent. Building a more automated production line and introducing machine controllers with precise control and higher production capacity have become the inevitable choice for manufacturing enterprises to maintain production and quality stability

for this reason, Omron Industrial Automation Division showed a newly developed NJ robotics robot dedicated controller applied to SYSMAC platform at this exhibition. Machine automation controller (MAC) is a new generation of controller pioneered by OMRON. Compared with traditional programmable logic controller (PLC), interphase power controller (IPC) and programmable automation controller (PAC), SYSMAC series machine automation controller realizes complete machine control through integrated connection and integrated software, and can play a greater role in improving production efficiency. Through its more advanced control effect, NJ robotics can realize the control of parallel robots (delta robots), which can be applied to the production fields with high requirements for stiffness, precision and load, and help these enterprises improve the automation of the production process

focusing on the development of industrial automation is one of the important strategies of Omron's ten-year plan for hyperglobalization. Many enterprises of Omron (China) Co., Ltd. want to join the manager. Mr. Tuju said that automation has become one of the core factors of production and is the key to consolidating the advantages of China's manufacturing industry in the future. In the future, Omron will continue to provide leading technologies and products to China, the most important overseas market, Bring more high-quality automation products and solutions that meet the needs of localization development to China's manufacturing industry

in this exhibition, Omron Environmental Division also brought a number of leading energy-saving and energy generating products and solutions, including intelligent power monitor KM1, energy visualization system, load forecasting control system, automatic energy-saving controller, solar power generation and inverter, etc. with the theme of energy intelligence and green manufacturing, it showed the comprehensive solutions of factory intelligent energy generation, energy storage and efficient energy use. Omron hopes to help manufacturing enterprises realize the green production process by continuously delivering leading comprehensive energy solutions to the Chinese market

with the increasing development of society, environmental protection and energy conservation have become the main theme. The manufacturing industry needs no oil flow from the oil return pipe to improve the green production capacity to adapt to the sustainable development of the industry. Omron predicts that the demand for automation, energy conservation and emission reduction related products and solutions in the manufacturing industry will continue to grow. In response to this social demand, Omron, which has the core technology in the field of sensing and control, will continue to share its leading technology, practical experience and successful cases in automation and energy efficiency management with domestic customers and peers, so as to speed up the automation process and help the innovation of China's manufacturing industry

about SYSMAC automation platform

sysmac automation platform adopts integrated connection and integrated software, which is composed of four parts. Among them, the NJ series of high-end machine automation controllers integrating motion control, sequence and networking functions, released by OMRON in September this year; SYSMAC studio, a new software integrating configuration, programming, simulation and monitoring functions; EtherCAT, a high-speed machine network that can realize the control functions of motion, vision, sensors and actuators; And the factory automation network ethernet/ip that can realize the local or remote control of the whole machine

about energy visualization solutions

Omron advocates the green concept of green automation, aiming to achieve green automation through advanced sensing and control technology to meet the energy-saving needs of society. Omron proposed ROC operation, that is, by saving energy and resources, it can improve the income of enterprises while reducing carbon dioxide emission, and help enterprises realize environmental protection operation

Omron energy visualization solution is designed to meet the needs of customers to reduce energy costs. It adopts a standard b/s structure and is widely applicable to production plants, office buildings and other types of buildings. Energy visualization adopts various sensor devices independently developed by Omron, which can collect and store huge energy consumption data and production information in real time and high density. On the basis of data collection, analyze the continued rising data of channel inventory in the second half of 2018, conduct effective analysis, find out the focus of energy conservation improvement, and implement continuous application improvement. For example, reduce the load by stopping the unnecessarily opened equipment and changing the operation time of the equipment, so as to reduce the unit energy consumption of the product to a reasonable level

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