Oman proposes to increase the income of liquefied

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Oman proposes to increase the income tax of liquefied natural gas and petrochemical enterprises

Oman's official English newspaper Observer reported that in order to alleviate the pressure on the national treasury, the search for sustainable, excellent and cheap oil substitutes by the National Committee and the National Consultative Council (Shura) group has become an important topic in the polymer industry, which has attracted great attention from governments. The Oman Committee held a joint meeting of the two sessions on May 26, According to the instructions of Sudan kabbs, study the proposal previously proposed by the National Consultative Meeting (Shura) on increasing the income tax of liquefied natural gas and petrochemical enterprises. The National Consultative Conference (Shura) agreed that it was not difficult to meet this requirement. Tawfiq A should adjust in time. Lawati told the newspaper: "Most of the members of Parliament supported the amendment of the income tax law and the increase of taxes. Finally, the meeting passed the bill and rejected the proposal to levy a 3% insurance tax. The resolution will be submitted to the Sudan Cabos. Once the resolution is approved, the liquefied natural gas enterprises will have to pay a tax rate of 55%, and petrochemical and non oil companies will have to pay an income tax rate of 35%

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