Omron continues to support the employment of Colle

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Omron continues to support the employment of college students

on May 20, the 2009 series of lectures on College Students' career development plan sponsored by Omron (China) Co., Ltd. was officially launched at Shanghai Jiaotong University. The new chairman and general manager of Omron (China) Co., Ltd. Ryunosuke goto attended the ceremony and delivered a speech, attracting 100 students

Omron (China) Co., Ltd. has long supported and paid attention to the "career development guidance plan for college students" and attached great importance to this activity. In his speech at the launching ceremony, general manager goto emphasized that talents are the driving force to promote the development of enterprises and society. With the intensification of economic and social competition, "competition among enterprises has been transformed into competition for talents". As a leader of an enterprise, I deeply feel that the development of an enterprise is inseparable from high-quality talents. Based on the idea that the error caused by the long-term rooting of enterprises will gradually be smaller and return to the Chinese society, it is hoped that the systematic implementation of this series of activities can contribute to solving the social issues such as the employment of college students in China and ensuring that enterprises recruit excellent talents. And encourage college students, although affected by the global financial crisis, China still maintains a high-speed growth momentum, and believe that the development of enterprises in China will be better and better. I hope that students can better understand themselves, improve their life planning ability, and take the first step into society by participating in the lectures and activities of the career development guidance plan

Omron has sponsored the career development guidance plan for college students since 2008. Last year, the activity was implemented in 31 universities in Shanghai. A total of more than 5000 college students participated in various professional career guidance activities, such as large mold lectures and training. During the implementation of the career development guidance plan, Omron not only provided funds, but also actively cooperated with the implementation of various activities, such as the experience exchange meeting between enterprise managers and employees and college students, and provided machines for tensile test, stress test and bending test for enterprises to visit. 4 The minimum reading value of torque: 0.01nm 0.1nm will be held, and college students will be arranged to practice in OMRON company. We hope that through this series of activities, we can provide some help for the career development of Chinese college students

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