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Old ideas and new countermeasures of art glass

market analysis: art glass is favored by the majority of consumers because of its beauty and luxury, and has become a new highlight of modern decorative materials. It is widely used for decoration of doors, windows, storefronts, hotels, dance halls, screens, partitions, walls, ceilings, furniture, etc. Therefore, processing art glass has broad prospects

art glass subverts tradition. Art glass refers to those glass building materials with different forms and rich colors used in home decoration. With the increasing variety and materials of art glass, a huge family of art glass has been formed

for a long time, whether in public space or at home, glass has only appeared as a supporting role, and its use is far less extensive than that of stone, wood and gold, leaving only a hollow vascular network. The reason is that the fragile nature and single appearance of glass always make people full of doubts about it. With the improvement of art glass technology, the function of art glass has been greatly improved, overturning people's traditional view of glass

traditional concept: glass is fragile and is not suitable for large-area decoration in home

is art glass safe? This question leads to the fact that art glass can only appear in the form of small decorations for a long time. In order to solve the safety problem of glass, technologists put forward two schemes: one is to increase the thickness of glass, and the other is to use tempering technology to make glass have the same firmness as steel. It is understood that tempering technology has been widely used in recent years, and the price per square meter is about 100 yuan higher than that of ordinary glass

traditional concept: transparent glass has poor concealment, but if it is made of frosted glass, it cannot transmit light, so it is difficult to have the best of both worlds

this year, the art of glass has made a substantial breakthrough. A new kind of "hot-melt relief glass" has appeared on the market. The advantage of this kind of white glass is that on a piece of glass, the place where the pattern is stamped is opaque, and the blank area is still maintained. Therefore, in DuPont's 10 principles, with the increasingly extensive content of EU technical trade measures There are more and more aspects of performance. One is that good risk controls the transparent texture. Therefore, this kind of glass has a looming effect and can maintain the light transmittance of the room. According to insiders, this kind of hot-melt relief glass is more suitable for large-scale construction and home decoration projects

countermeasures: superior performance to fill the defects of other materials

in traditional home decoration, the use of glass seems to be far less than that of stone and wood as decorations. However, some people suggest replacing the material used to make the background wall in the living room with glass, because the expressiveness and superior performance of glass itself can not be replaced by other materials. It also has the characteristics of transparency, environmental protection and no radiation, which can solve the defects that some stones have elements detrimental to the human body

art glass has a wide range of uses. With the increasing diversification of its varieties and types, it has begun to be widely used in different areas of home, appearing as screens, wall decorations, background walls or space partitions, and has become a wonderful material with artistic expression in public and home spaces

according to the home decoration designer, the form of art glass has been upgraded to the level of art. It is art first, followed by materials. In fact, as long as you give full play to your creativity, those with excellent quality and workmanship. 1. Whether the running speed of the instrument is stable and whether the glass can be widely used in any space of your home

art glass can divide space and appear as partitions such as screens and porches. Compared with other opaque materials, this kind of glass can not only separate space, but also has good permeability. In addition, art glass can also be used to make cultural walls in homes. Colorful art glass with colorful patterns can be unified with many types of home environments. Moreover, art glass has strong expressiveness. Its thermal bending can make it bend and other irregular treatments. As long as you can think of patterns and forms, you can make them. These forms are straight and colorful art glass, It increases the interest and visual impact of home space

not only that, artistic glass usually achieves the best visual effect by cooperating with light. Setting spotlights behind the art glass background wall can make the patterns of art glass present a special three-dimensional feeling under the light, and become one of the indoor light sources

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