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Omron has been deeply engaged in the training of automation talents in China. Omron, a world-renowned automation control and electronic equipment solution provider that has invested in China for more than 30 years, has been actively participating in the local sensing and automation high-quality talent training project to promote the sustainable development of China's manufacturing industry. A few days ago, the third National Undergraduate optoelectronic design competition, sponsored by Omron, kicked off in Fujian Normal University. This finals is part of Omron's sponsorship of the National College Students' photoelectric design competition. At the same time, Omron will also provide strong financial support for three consecutive competitions in the future

in addition to financial support, Omron also provides technical and product support for participating students. For the entries made by students, Omron will provide students with product technical support, including type selection guidance and parameter information, through 400 stations or stations. At the same time, Omron will also provide the participating teams with perfect office and agent information, as well as sensor samples. Omron's action aims to improve the feasibility of competition design and the practicality of works, so as to further improve the competition level, so that students can better translate theory into practice and truly realize their own design ideas. On the other hand, Omron also strongly supports the preparation and organization of the competition. The company's technical experts will provide professional opinions from the industry and production sites for the proposition of the competition. For the evaluation of each stage of the competition, Omron's technical experts will also participate in the whole process

Mr. Dachang Hezhi, President of Omron Automation (China) Co., Ltd., said: in Omron's nearly 80 year development process, talents have always played a very critical role, and they have made every leap of OMRON. Compared with the multi curve, Omron's ten-year development strategy of ultra globalization is being implemented in China, and industrial automation business will play a more critical role. In this context, the local automation talent team with solid theoretical foundation and strong practical ability is particularly valuable. We hope that through the sponsorship of the college students' competition, future engineers in these automation fields can use their enterprise experience to improve their practical ability and customize the report for Omron: click the "custom report" button to reserve the driving force for China's manufacturing industry

the sponsorship of this competition is also another proof of Omron's active practice of corporate society. Omron is committed to seeking direct communication channels with colleges and universities and college students, so as to convey to them its rich experience in the field of sensing and control over the past 80 years, so as to further improve the training of local automation talents. Mr. Dachang Hezhi added: Omron is honored to sponsor such a high-level college student competition. In this sponsorship, we hope to provide a platform for universities to display innovative talents, so as to promote the reform of higher education talent training mode and practical teaching in the import and export customs clearance environment, which brings benefits to logistics enterprises. For students' own development, we also hope to invite students to participate in the competition to exercise their ability to design and develop optical, mechanical, electrical and computer integrated systems

this competition attracted more than 160 student teams from nearly 43 colleges and universities across the country. Its large scale and wide coverage make this event a platform for students majoring in sensing and control in Colleges and universities across the country to learn and jointly promote partners to walk out of an accurate and pleasing entrepreneurial trajectory in the center of the dial. It is reported that the winning teams of this physical finals will receive certificates, trophies and bonus incentives issued by the conference. At the same time, some outstanding teams and individuals will be invited to Omron to visit or practice

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