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OIPT plasma etching equipment is selected for the VCSEL production line of Huaxin semiconductor

the face recognition VCSEL R & D and manufacturer located in Taizhou, China, Huaxin semiconductor selects the cobra plasma etching equipment of Oxford instrument plasma technology (OIPT)

according to mcmus consulting, Oxford I precision level 1 instruments plasma technology (OIPT) recently announced that Sino semiconductor has selected its Cobra plasma etching equipment for the mass production of VCSEL products

Huaxin semiconductor employees are all excellent talents trained in China, including more than 30 VCSEL product R & D teams, more than 10 backbone members with doctoral degrees or middle and senior professional titles, and top leaders in the industry in device structure design, epitaxial growth, chip manufacturing, packaging testing, reliability analysis, etc. The core members of the team mainly graduated from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and many of them have undertaken major national projects such as 973 and 863, as well as national scientific research projects such as the natural science foundation

in the middle of 2017, VCSEL independently developed by Huaxin semiconductor began to provide customer testing; In the same year, 2. The experimental standards refer to ISO, ASTM, DIN, GB, BS, JIS, etc. at the end of the year, 850nm 10g VCSEL chips began to be shipped in batches, and the 940nm VCSEL project was approved. This year, 940nm vcse, such as l chips, has entered the stage of batch shipment

Li Jun, deputy general manager of Huaxin semiconductor, said, "unparalleled process capability and responsive local support are the reasons why we choose OIPT plasma etching equipment, which is very important for the mass production of VCSEL."

cobra process solutions are designed to support the R & D and application of cutting-edge devices, such as lasers, RF, power supplies, high-end LEDs, etc

"consumer electronic devices based on VCSEL are entering an exciting growth stage," said Richard Pollard, managing director of OIPT. "We are happy to provide our VCSEL process solutions to China's advanced laser manufacturers (such as Huaxin semiconductor)

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