Olinger computer engraving machine, which is most

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The Olinger computer engraving machine for printing and other industries is available.

Changzhou Dingshi Technology Co., Ltd. entered the market early and the technology is leading. The company recently launched the ds68 Olinger computer engraving high-speed mixing engraving machine. The engraving machine is equipped with ds-2002 digital control system in cooperation with Siemens, which has compact structure, stable performance, elegant appearance, more stable operation and lower noise. The machine is a multi-purpose machine, which can not only carve fine and beautiful patterns, but also vigorously cut advertisements. However, people often confuse the tensile strength and yield strength of the tensile testing machine with three-dimensional characters. It can be widely used in printing industry, advertising industry, decoration industry, mold industry, wood industry, handicrafts and other industries. Its working stroke in X, y and Z directions is 680mm × 1220mm × 80mm; 10. The fastest running speed in Y direction is 3000mm/s; Positioning accuracy: ± 0.015mm/300mm; The feeding height is 80mm; Power supply: 220V ± 10%50hz; Power consumption: 1000W; Machine weight: 200kg

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