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At the "global touch screen manufacturing technology innovation forum" held on the opening day of "touch China 2013" (the sixth Shenzhen International touch screen technology exhibition), Chinese listeners' enthusiasm for learning the cutting-edge technologies of Japanese and American enterprises was very high. The meeting room, which can accommodate about 200 people, was filled in the blink of an eye, and some seats were temporarily added

at first, one of the organizers, Nikkei BP news agency, introduced the overview of touch panel technology, and then Japanese and American manufacturers of production equipment and components delivered a speech on the latest touch panel manufacturing technology. The speakers were Juergen grillmayer (Akt PVD display R & D Project Manager), a film-forming equipment manufacturer, from American applied materials company The former HAOSI of Fuk, a manufacturer of bonding equipment (the chief of the general section of the market development department), katsuke Katayama of DIC company, which is engaged in surface treatment and sensor electrodes and other materials business (the manager of the PE Development Department of the core function development center of the R & D department), and Yukio lianze (the assistant to the president) of the Japanese touch panel Institute, which has developed a desktop computer with a capacitive touch panel that can operate like intelligence

Juergen grillmayer of applied materials delivered a speech on the latest technology of ITO sensor electrode sputtering equipment. He introduced that it can meet the requirements of the 8th.5th generation (2200mm × 2500mm) large glass substrates, large panels over 30 inches, antireflection (AR) antireflection coating, glass cover integrated touch panel and other ITO splashing manufacturing processes and equipment required. Fuk's yuanhaosi delivered a speech on the process and bonding equipment of pasting touch sensors on glass covers or displays. He stressed that it is necessary to meet the strict requirements for loading mode, time and accuracy in experiments of tablet computers and personal computers, as well as the requirements of large screen size, and to achieve direct bonding on the whole surface with high production efficiency, The characteristic of the company's independent development is that it has a great impact on the relative error of the front section of the small scale range of the dial, and the "atmospheric bend" method, which can bend the substrate and paste it at the same time in the air environment, is very effective

From the perspective of ink material manufacturers, chip Shanjia of

dic built a green supply chain and delivered a speech on the promotion of printing electronic technology in coating and printing process, which are often used in the manufacturing process of touch panel. In printing electronic technology, the development of ink materials is as important as coating and printing technology and equipment. Pianshan proposed the goal of expanding the processing size by one digit through printing electronic technology, and also introduced the latest printing technology

Yukio iizawa of the Japan touch panel Research Institute delivered a speech on the potential of desktop computers, a new market for touch panels. Because the conductivity and thermal conductivity of these metal materials are far inferior to that of silver, he also introduced the large-scale touch panel technology developed by the Institute for desktop computers and other applications. Lian Ze said that the large-scale touch panel has the problem of reducing the film resistance of the sensor electrode. The Institute has solved this problem by replacing the current mainstream ITO with copper wire with low film resistance on the sensor electrode. Zhonghua glass () Department

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