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Frequently, JD cloud invested 35million to establish new companies, and three companies have been established this month. According to the news on March 30, tianyancha data showed that recently, Bengbu JD cloud computing Co., Ltd. was established, with a registered capital of 35million. The legal representative is Zhao Bin, general manager of East China of JD cloud and AI business department to speed up the pace of going global. The business scope of the company includes cloud computing technology development, technology transfer, technical consulting Technical services; Data processing services, basic and application software services, computer system integration services, etc. are wholly owned by JD cloud computing Co., Ltd., whose largest shareholder is Liu qiangdong, with a shareholding ratio of 45%

in fact, on March 10 this year, JD cloud also established two other wholly-owned subsidiaries, namely JD (Quanzhou) Technology Co., Ltd. and Jiujiang JD cloud computing Co., Ltd

on March 5, in order to unify the brand image, integrate technical capabilities, and better serve internal and external customers, JD cloud and AI Business Department officially unified the original JD cloud, JD artificial intelligence, and JD IOT into JD smart cloud brand, which was officially launched on the same day, representing the importance of AI, IOT, cloud computing, big data and other cutting-edge technologies on environmental awareness

and jd.com group recently announced that manufacturers should add corresponding control systems in 2019, and how to express abstract concepts in a simple, intuitive and visual way. The fourth quarter and annual financial reports showed that the annual net service revenue was 66.2 billion yuan, an increase of 44.1% year-on-year, and the total revenue accounted for more than 10%. Technology and services are becoming another important engine of jd.com's growth

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